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  1. So you're saying, even in solo you could start a session and it would fix it ? Let's say it start lagging, then you start a session alone, you should be fine ?
  2. Yea agreed, I had the discussion with many people on flight simming communities and yea, the pushback tool seem to be pretty stable. YC is really problematic, you need put it in the community folder only when you want to use it, otherwise you got to drag the folder out.
  3. Hi again guys, IT'S FIXED ! Thanks SO much. I hope this tread will remain in order to help others in the future. So I mistakenly deleted the Toolbar Push back addon. I wanted to delete it in order to replace it by the most recent version online to test, but Flightsim.to was down at that time and I forgot to download the most recent version. So I did my test flight without ''YourControls'' mod (I only removed the folder from the community folder), and without the Toolbar Pushback mod also. The flight went marvelous with a constant 40-50 fps ! Very very smooth. Thank you guys for putting me on the right track. I wish I could be able to test which one was the cause either YourControls mod or the Toolbar pushback one or both. I believe it's best practice to have none installed... Having the less addons. Bellow is a comparison video, Before: https://youtu.be/ihj_3FAqDu0 After: (Please don't judge my landing, not used to do without lagging ! :)) https://youtu.be/ZNpA6VZAZnc
  4. So from the YourControls discord, someone suggested me to try first this potential fix. https://can01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.flightsimulator.com%2Ft%2Fincrease-performances-immediatly-amazing-tested-and-aprouved%2F504551&data=05|01|alexandre.rollin%40ec.gc.ca|72ea40aabd954c55c8f208da381217fe|740c5fd36e8b41769cc9454dbe4e62c4|0|0|637883947602605014|Unknown|TWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D|3000|||&sdata=UxmL9VPM56X0UrFcIzr5%2FekH3MpUm3Fvf%2FFF936UKr8%3D&reserved=0 Essentially it ''Unlock'' the bandwith limitation for download/streams. But it did not work. See my 5fps landing here : https://youtu.be/ihj_3FAqDu0 I will try to remove the YC folder for my next flight. If that does not work I'll remove the Pushback tool addon.
  5. Gotcha ! Will try that, good point. I do have that addon also. Well it's start doing it around 5-10 minutes after take off, no matter the location, I did it at Los Angeles, Scottland, Ireland and Germany so far. I will test that very soon ! Thank you !
  6. Hi Max, I appreciate your comment. So essentially you're suggesting that I remove the ''YourControls'' folder from the community folder whenever I am flying any of the CRJs alone. And re-add the folder whenever I want to Shared Cockpit using YourControls with the CRJs or any other aircraft ? Basicaly remove the folder it if I am not using YourControls for this flight, without ''Unistalling'' YourControls?
  7. Hi ! Thanks for your comment. I have it installed yes, as I do Shared Cockpit flights with a friend once a week, but everytime I flew the CRJs it was not running. My friend also have the CRJ and your controls installed and don't have the problem. We were expecting to do Shared Cockpit on CRJ very soon so I guess that may be a future issue ? BTW nice Profile picture, I'm from Gatineau and took flight training at CYND. 🙂
  8. Hi everyone ! First thing I want to thank Aerosoft for this product, for the few minutes I can fly with it seems great to be great aircrafts. I'm a Sim Pilot, and I bought the four CRJs because some VAs suggest regional flights with CRJ, I usually focus one aircraft at a time but I decided to jump and learn the CRJ. Listen to a lot videos, took notes, and then start practicing. It doesn't take 5 minutes that I start to get major Frame drops from 46-50 fps to 1 to 5. Everything starts glitching and even the sound scratches. I first thought it was my graphic card, told myself well it's time to change... Without being able to find one, I then started to test my card. It's not even at 100% load when it start glitching, my CPU is a Ryzen 5900x and it is far from being under heavy load. My test resulted that it's not a hardware ressource lack. Also everything is very smooth in the FBW A320NX, like very smooth. With any of the CRJs I get that stuttering. The longer the flight the worst it gets. I tried to make a flight from Frankfurt to Dublin yesterday and it was very painful. From belgium, it was almost constant until Dublin but I actually never got to land because it ended up freezing for good on the ILS. I did around 5-6 flights, and it's always like that. I have to land at around 5 fps. It must be something with the Sim or with the CRJ. I tried disabling the Rolling Cache, tried many different graphic options. See video bellow, so I did not record the Dublin flight because I was too afraid that if I launch the recorder it would freeze for good. I'm doing flights for VAs so I'm trying to complete those. The video I took show the behavior but I was on the ground after a short test flight. But it's doing the same if not even worse in flight. (BTW video is not public, you need to link in order to be able to see) Anyone have any tips, if I'm writting in here is because I really have no other clues on how to fix it. Specs CPU : Ryzen 9 5900x, 32gb Ram @3200mhz GPU Geforce 1080 and all NVME SSDs. Thanks so much ! VIDEO here ->
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