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  1. Hi I notice that the latest Austria Pro X is V2.2. I have the V2.0 DVD? Is there a way to upgrade easily? Can you tell me what is included in the upgrade? Thanks! John L
  2. Thanks OPabst! I had moved the exe for convenience. I moved it back and it works now :-) (Sorry for using the wrong forum!) Jl
  3. I am confused :-( WHen I run LOWITraffic.exe, to adjust the traffic in the LOWI area, I get a nice map with various things named (eg Apron, Highway, Railway Base, Trains, City). The onlybutton is "Save and Exit". Clicking onthe names does nothing. What is supposed to happen???? thanks...
  4. CURSOR...that was the problem. It *had* to be me!!! :-) Thanks!
  5. I have the same problem. Is there an update to this????
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