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  1. Hi, Although I need a 'friend' I just got all running as far as I can check solo. First I had a blank options cdu (although the L1-6 and R1-6 worked). Deleting the shaders helped. I misted the update above at first 2night, but now I got the new dll in the folder I can create a session and get session id and password info. Going strong. Maikel Rozemeijer NL
  2. Hello, I am a newbie here, just bought the katana two days ago. Since a friend of mine also got the Katana I wonder if it is already posible or will later be posible to use the instructor mode via the internet? (I did a search with 'instructor' and did not find any post.) Thanks for reading this. Maikel Rozemeijer. NL
  3. Thanks for your input. I will try again back at pmdg.
  4. Hello, I bought a 2nd hand boxed version of pmdg's 747x from a friend of mine and I would like to register it. (so that I can get answer to later posible problems) I put a message on the pmdg board but did not get an answer in more then a week now. I noticed a paper from aerosoft to register by paper sent mail so thought maybe they (you) can also help me online. Thanks in advance. Maikel Rozemeijer The Netherlands.
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