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  1. I agree. It's a shame because there is so much good about the plane. I hope that they do find a fix eventually because I'd love to go back to flying it. It's perfect for my short haul routes.
  2. This was my experience too. As such, I have hangared the CRJ until a fix is out and I'll keep flying the PMDG737. Overall, I do like the CRJ, but I'm shelving it until a definitive fix comes out.
  3. Been flying the PMDG737-700 lately. It doesn't have the LNAV issues that the CRJ does. One thing I noticed, and mentioned earlier, is that in the CRJ, the wind direction displayed is 14 - 17 degrees off from LittleNavMap. In the PMDG, it is bang on. Is it possible that that could - in some way - be affecting the LNAV in the CRJ?
  4. Best of luck in your searching. I look forward to the eventual fix as I've been experiencing a lot of the hunting lately. Thanks.
  5. Still flying the CRJ a lot and enjoying it. However, I find it a bit of a chore - in terms of throttle management - to keep it on the glide path. I try to maintain the correct speed while fully configured for landing. Sometimes I have to add a little more thrust if I start to dip below the glide slope, or pull back if I start rising above it. I read of a fix back in 2021. Which version of the plane had the fix? Do others experience this? Thanks.
  6. It was a traffic setting. Not at my computer now, but I think it was "use generic models" or similar. I'll post the setting when I go back down to my machine. I did do a test - figuring that having the crj as AI would adversely affect my fps. It didn't actually and I had a good dozen of the Aerosoft CRJ as AI planes, in different liveries. I wonder if the devs could tell us if the CRJ is used as an AI plane if it has to render the entire model, cockpit, systems etc. I like the look and feel, as the Citation, as metioned by Jay Jay does look pretty bad parked at the gates.
  7. This may be a stupid question, but I have never seen the Aerosoft CRJ show up as a model in AI traffic. It's the exact same plane, with same callsign. I am running Aerosoft Simple Traffic. I also did not change any of my traffic settings, but upon arrival at KBOS, there seemed to be a large number of MS AI aircraft - the ones with the round, not pointy noses). I think it adversely affected my performance as well. What am I missing here? Thanks.
  8. I'm not doing a very good job explaining things today. My first waypoint, I usually fly to with heading mode as the FMS usually automatically selects the second waypoint to track to. Maybe the pic below will explain things better than I currently am. I let LNAV take me directly to CANME. The plane sharply undercut the turn, then hunted back and forth, as mentioned, 10 - 12 times before finally acquiring the on course heading. The dotted line I'm guessing is not sensitive enough to show the deviations left and right. Sometimes I find that engaging 1/2 bank helps to keep the plane from undershooting or overshooting, but it was really badly behaved today, unfortunately. The approach to ILS 23 was better, but it still swayed back and forth a few times between waypoints.
  9. I guess I should have clarified that I don't aim the heading bug directly at the waypoint, but corrected for wind component. Wind shifts and increase or decrease in speed changes obviously affect heading and adjustments are needed. I am inflight now CYFC to CYYZ and the crj is really acting up. I took 10 - 12 oscillations back and forth to finally acquire the track for my first waypoint - worse than it's been in a long time actually. Who knows, maybe this update will help things.
  10. Agreed that it's not a massive fps hit, but enough to take it to main thread limited. As you mention, it's just a little extra demand that's probably pushing it into the thread limited area. I'll try it with another aircraft, but I understand that it will not be an apples to apples comparison as the cumulative demand on the system of another aircraft and environmental conditions would not be the same.
  11. I've used heading mode a fair bit too. It's fine if you don't have a strong crosswind component, but it you do, you're soon far off course, or you're having to make constant course corrections. One time, with a +/- 100 kt, nearly perpendicular crosswind, I ended up almost wrapping around a waypoint in an attempt to cross it.
  12. Great to hear of the upcoming update. Dissappointed that the LNV wasn't addressed, since it's the only real issue I have with the plane, but it does sound like a major overhaul would be needed. Thanks for the info.
  13. Is there any way to optimize the exterior lighting on the CRJ. I've noticed a hit when the taxi light and landing lights are turned on. Check out this video: 506030701_CRJLights.mp4
  14. My crj has been behaving a bit better lately. It will still undercut a waypoint and and hunt for it a bit, but not as bad as before. On STARS, I have regulated my speeds much more tightly and it has performed better. Also, winds in FS live weather seem more consistent, so maybe that's helping too. On another note, I still can't get the CRJ to acquire the first waypoint in the fmc flightplan. It will always fly toward the 2nd waypoint, so I have to use the heading bug. I thought I heard that there is a way to move the first waypoint down in the list so that it can then be used as a DIR-TO waypoint. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have noticed lately that there is about a 14-16 degree wind direction variation between FS (wind speed and direction displayed in LittleNavMap) and the CRJ. For example, in flight now, I am seeing 238/51 displayed on the CRJ screen and it indicates 254/51. The windspeed is always the same, but the direction always varies by the 14-16 degrees. I have no idea if this has anything to do with the hunting behaviour, but thought I'd mention it. Thanks.
  16. Worked like a charm. Thanks very much!
  17. Flying the Twin Otter a LOT and loving it. I am wondering if there is a way to achieve better cockpit lighting as it's nearly impossible to see the switches on the overhead panel and the landing light panel area in the dark. Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks! Will give it a try tomorrow. I did not buy the plane through marketplace, but seem to recall earlier searching for an aircraft.cfg on my computer and no results appeared. The aircraft file was appended with something other than .cfg. Will post back. Again, thank you.
  19. Any chance of a link to the DIY fix? I searched the MSFS forum with no luck. Thanks!
  20. Thanks. I have old school stuff - CH Products Yoke pedals and Throttle quadrant. Interestingly, I noticed on my last couple flights that I have lost the ability to reverse the props on landing. It may be time to revisit my calibrations. Will check those out and report back.
  21. Thanks. I tried both. Still doesn't work with either key commands or prop pitch levers. My prop levers do work in flight, but they will not affect the pitch on the ground and outside the a/c. Dang. Oddly, occasionally I will load a flight and one prop is feathered from the outside view. I believe if I go inside the cockpit and go back outside both props are then not feathered.
  22. I installed the latest update. I can't get the props to feather. I read a post and one guy could keep them feathered if he feathered them and then shut the engines down. It doesn't seem to work for me. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
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