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  1. Hi, as shown in the two photos, the first is mine, with the cokpit of one color, the second has another color in the cabin that I would like to have. How can I change it? My pc is running windows 11 with an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3060. thanks
  3. HELLO in sequence, some pictures You can see that all AIRBUS A330 are installed Select by one , no images avaible And MCDU2 ,ACFT STATE and DOORS i can't actived, any addon aircraft Can you to help me please? THANKS REGARDS
  4. Ok I've install again A330 AEROSOFT V4 for P3D V4 I bought A330 AEROSOFT from AEROSOFT .com I bought P3D V4 PROFESSIONAL PLUS from PREPARE3D.COM Below IN ATTACHED you can see > 1thd pictures wich version is A330 AEROSOFT > 2thd default aircraft of P3D V4 (fly perfect) > in 3thd pictures you see my problem , i can't open menu on the right > 4thd ... on the top all menu windows to choose, but again i can't open >5 thd about version P3D V 4 Tanks for your help
  5. Due disinstall my a330 aerosoft for P3D V4 ,as report image, for today i can't post file product cfg. Will be my priority as soon to let see all details. HAVE YOU nice week end REgards Roberto
  6. https://www.aerosoft.com/it/simulazione-di-volo/prepar3d-v4/aircraft/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional
  7. HI' i've added last one of AEROSOFT P3D V4 (only one avaible to buy)
  8. Ciao > > Sono . anch'io ho bisogno del tuo aiuto con questo tipo di problema. >> Ho installato PREPARE3D V4 PROFESSIONAL, è tutto corretto . Ho aggiunto un aerosoft A330 per P3D V 4, ma non vedo nulla dell'aereo, e tutte > le funzioni nel menu a tendina non sono cliccabili (sono grigie nel colore trasparente). > Che problema si verifica? > Forse l'utilizzo di un laptop Windows 10 è un problema per le funzionalità mancanti o > cos'altro? Il supporto P3D, diciamo di contattare AEROSOFT FORUM > Grazie per il vostro supporto > Saluti > Roberto
  9. Hi > >I 'm . too I need your help with this type of problem. > > I have installed PREPARE3D V4 PROFESSIONAL , everything is correct . I added an A330 aerosoft for P3D V 4, but I don't see anything of the plane, and all > the functions in the drop-down menu are not clickable, (they are gray in color-transparent). > What problem occurs? > Maybe using a windows 10 laptop is a problem for missing features, or > what else? The P3D support ,say to contact AEROSOFT FORUM > Thanks for your support > Greetings > Roberto
  10. Hello I need file fsc_ivao.dat i found in close topic about this file But is unable to reach or download Please ,can you to replace for me? Thanks Regard Roberto
  11. Thank you so much for your support Surely in some scenery aerosoft i'll find Have nice evening Roberto
  12. Hi May be i ve delete scenery aerosoft , inlcuded season exe ? If i install any scenery aerosfot , file season.exe appear again? Thank you so much
  13. Hello me too i lost season tool executive How can get again? Thanks a lot Roberto
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