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  1. could you send me a fresh quartz file to install? I wonder if mine is corrupt.
  2. Sadly it's till bugged, Quartz.ttf in now installed in p3d as well as the windows fonts folder.
  3. Hi, ok I ran verify files on all three components, unfortunately the clock is still bugged.
  4. Hello SimWare. I have since fixed this, sorry i forgot to edit this post.
  5. Hi, i reinstalled all the Font packs you sent, clock is still messed up. However it's flyable now, after a short test flight it seems to be ok.
  6. According to ORBX installer it's v2.4.0. I understand that on this forum the latest is, however ORBX only installs the above and the Aerosoft updater doesn't list the CRJ so i can't update it via that either.
  7. Sorry but i must insist on getting some support, I've bought this product in good faith and it cannot be used with this problem.. Thank you...
  8. I'm also getting this issue, bought it the other day via orbx, can't fly it at all..
  9. I've found this thread with the exact same issue as me, Annoyingly after following your instructions about reinstalling an rebooting the problem still persists, is there anyway to manually get those missing fonts? Weekend is coming up so i would REALLY like to fly this. Thank. you...
  10. Hi P3DV5.2 Hot fix 1, Crj was installed via ORBX yesterday so i assume it's going to be the latest version.
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