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  1. I haven't ever had this issue until recently. Flying KDFW-KTYR, entering the ILS 04 arrival had my instruments and sound lock up (note, this was after a previous flight from KLRD-KDFW). The aircraft still functioned as a barebones aircraft, e.g. I could select flaps and was able to keep thrust and land. The second flight from KTYR-KDFW went uneventful (after a restart), then I continued on from KDFW-KSWO, in which when selecting the RNAV 36, it locked up again. For my two instances, which have never happened before, it was on my second flight of that session. I've flown up to four or five legs before without this happening but for some reason it has been more recently. It may be coincidental that these are happening on my second leg but it seems it may be a little more than that. On these flights I loaded the flight from a simbrief generated .flp file. I'm also thinking it may be the fact that I have deleted most of the waypoints to manually input them as the departures I ran were not actual 'preloaded' departures but points that needed to manually input to fly. These departures were the TEX1 and the GAR1. UPDATE: I made a video of me recreating the issue I was specifically having using the same KDFW-KTYR flight. This was after a fresh restart of the simulator so that doesn't seem to be the issue. Sorry in advance for the zoomed in aspect as I haven't changed my resolution on my recording software for my new monitor. Finally, I mistakenly keep calling it an 'arrival' when it is an approach that I am selecting. I also just want to say that it's entirely possible that I am using the FMC incorrectly, leading to this crash. I'm not a trained pilot in the systems of the CRJ, only having flown it about 200 hours in the sim.
  2. That was the issue, haha. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have referenced those posts and that doesn't seem to be my issue either. I'm starting to wonder if the 'right click action' is somehow unbound in my controls settings. I don't know what that action would be called to rebind it if that is the case.
  4. I was referencing to fixing my issue. Either way, this still does not enable me to press the button.
  5. Thank you for the reply but that isn't the issue. I've known about the right click change since SU5 or whenever that happened to be. This is something completely different, right clicking the button before selecting it does not fix it.
  6. Hello, I am having a strange issue that I can't seem to find anyone else having. I can't seem to be able to press buttons except on rare circumstances. In the video you can see that I click it once, right after tabbing back in from starting OBS. Otherwise, I can't click these. Tested in the 700 and 900 with same results. Any ideas? Video: https://streamable.com/lnjb9w
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