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  1. Mathijs, my dear. I never received an invoice for the order and i never paid. I hope you didn't get an invoice. That certainly wasn't intended to go this way. I issued a reminder a month after the transaction. They answered that they would send the invoice but i never received any further communication from the company. Just trying to make sure you didn't have to pay for it! Otherwise, it's free beer! Yay!
  2. You didn't specify which beer you would like so I figured I'd go ahead and choose myself. The displayed selection is not what was agreed upon. Don't worry, though. Enjoy!
  3. Errm. Aerosoft One pitched it to me. I was just logging in and was looking for the product page as i had seen it up already with the release date. However, when i did that it said available. So... why delay any further? Btw. did you folks receive a beer delivery at the office today?
  4. Dear Mathijs


    Please make sure there is someone in the office on Wednesday to accept your delivery.


    Kind regards,


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