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  1. I have now resolved my issues. Looks like they were due to the P3Dv5 version I was using... All Ok now. John
  2. If this issue is due to the P3D version I am currently using I can understand this and can wait until my version is approved for this product. However, I would like to know how to roll-back what has been installed, if possible, as the installation of this product in P3Dv5 does seem to have affected my MSFS installation, and it does seem like the installer is doing something to my MSFS install as it is the folder in which it thinks p3Dv5 is installed, which is not the case, obviouisly. John
  3. This seems to be the problem: It is taking MSFS as my P3Dv5 installation folder. Could this not have messed up my MSFS installation? John
  4. I would have hoped so, but I don't think this is the case due to my issues....
  5. Here it is: Some details removed due to NDAs....I am sure you understand (I am a P3Dv5 beta tester) John
  6. Also, since installing this aircraft on P3Dv5, my MSFS installation seems to have gone haywire...when I load any aircraft the default cockpit view is now continually slowly panning for the first 5 minutes or so, and I cannot stop this or do anything... Running the ASUpdater shows the following: Again the P3Dv5 installation folder shows my MSFS installation? And under Installed Products, I only see the CRJ550/700 for MSFS. Could I please get some advice on how to rectify this issue. Thanks, John Later: just realized something...could it be because I am not using P3D v5.2? Cannot say which version I am currently running unfortunately....
  7. When installing the CRJ Pro for P3Dv5, I got an error message at the end of the installation procedure about something to do with P3Dv4 (which I also have), although I can't remember the exact message now. I haven't installed the CRJ in P3Dv4. This resulted in the add-on.xml not being created. I therefore manually created this, using an add-on.xml file found under the CRJ installation folder, moving this to a documents/Prepare3d v5 Add-ons/Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5 folder and updating the paths to the xml file accordingly. Doing this, I can now see the CRJs in P3Dv5. However, when I load a CRJ I cannot seem to get any power, although I'm not sure if this is an installation issue or because I do not know this aircraft and cannot get the power started. The engines seem to be running, but no power is available. I then tried to uninstall using the uninstaller created under the Prepar3D v5 Add-ons folder (why is this not under the Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5 folder?), but when I run that it says "ERROR: Missing log file!!" and I cannot continue. If I re-run the installer, it shows the following settings , which don't seem correct (it has taken my MSFS installation folder as my P3Dv5 installation folder): Please advise on how I can uninstall and install again correctly. Thanks, John P.S. I also have the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ installed, without issues. P.P.S. Seems to be in a "cold and dark" state, with the yoke locked and no power. However, engines are running - I can apply thrust using the F2,3,4 keys and the aircraft moves, although the throttle in the UI doesn't move to reflect this. Cockpit is very dark and difficult to see anything....I need access to the EFB which I can't seem to get....
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