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    2,3,4 Engine jet files. Piston engine Single and Twin files. prop-tm- single engine throttle and mixture. prop-tmp- single engine throttle, mixture, prop 2prop-tmpr- twin engine throttle, mixture, prop and reversers. Jet files- 2, 3 and 4 engine. Working reversers, spolier lever and flap lever on quadrant. Toggle 7 button is park brake on/off. Install them into your P3DV4 documents folder. Activate through P3D settings. They work perfectly fine when activated in the simulator. They do not go into the Honeycomb P3D configurator. All light switches, engine start switch (on piston aircraft) and autopilot buttons work on all my aircraft. The throttle quadrant works in PMDG 737NG. I have many payware Jet and GA and these profiles work fine on them and default aircraft. I hope you enjoy them all. Please follow tuition videos if needed on how to set up your sim to accept these profiles. There are some things you may need to do in your settings to get them to work properly so you don't have multiple key bindings for actions.
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