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  1. I accept, and respect, that Aerosoft is taking their time to fix these issues. I am sure that if they have not released the update it's because it's not ready yet, despite their best efforts. For this thread to actually be useful it should be read/written not as: "this should have been fixed already" and rather "it's ok that this is not fixed yet, we know you're trying your best, but can you please be humble enough to reconsider how well you are communicating with us?" I actually think that the team has good intentions, and they genuinely believe they are doing a good job at communicating - but they aren't. And they have to be humble enough to at least consider that possibility. It's their loss, and our loss, because I actually think the CRJ community is strong and could really contribute to the growth of the product and ultimately the company. My advice is that Aerosoft creates a thread (it can be read only) and pin it at the top of the page, specifically for customers to keep track of the upcoming update. Write on that thread daily, even if just to say "Today we managed to finally test some successful ILS approaches". This would help Aerosoft greatly, and most importantly help their reasonable customers (we can't do much about the non reasonable). It's a simple step. In my opinion there's a lot more that could be done community wise, but I would say this is the minimum. Thanks for your effort.
  2. Sorry I missed this. Just the default bindings, I never assigned or changed them. Once SU5 came, it became too sensitive as some people are describing. Thank you.
  3. Just to clarify, turning off fast wasm int he dev options is not enough to test the new asobo hotfix, you need to delete the files as you did the first time around to have them be generated again. Only then are you actually testing anything, otherwise you are still using the files generated with the fast wasm option.
  4. I have tested the new asobo's hotfix and the speed tape issue is indeed fixed - even without using the fast wasm workaround. Even though the CRJ is flyable to a degree as of the new asobo hotifix, I would say it's still suffering the effects of SU5 (plenty of issues around ILS and what not). Hoping that Aerosoft's update will fix most of that.
  5. I have notice this as well. I'm just using the thrustmaster airbus sidestick.
  6. Good question, I do it twice, and the trim setting corrects itself when I do. The first trim value is always wrong but like .4.
  7. @SecondatorSorry to be pinging. The issue keeps happening, any light you could be so kind to shine on this? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your reply! Yes indeed set at 35.00. and the % seem good as well.
  9. I repeated the process of deleting the files and this time worked. The aircraft is flyable again for me with this temp fix. Thanks for the effort on the update, will wait for it while flying
  10. same on the speed jumps even with the quick fix (dev mode etc), havent tried the 500.
  11. Hi there. I found a couple of posts that mentioned this issue but none seemed to solve my problem: when I try to roatate at VR most of the times it will take another 10-15kts before anything happens I set my trim and flaps according to the EFB once I have setup fuel/weights and copied them, double check it in the fmc etc. Flight model is set to modern. Still when I try to rotate at VR most of the times it will take another 10-15kts before anything happens. Any suggestions? (this happened before SU5 too). Thanks in advance.
  12. Oh, so that combined with the speed bug explains why the aircraft jumps an insane amount of speed, not just in terms of indication but actually literally?
  13. Thanks for the effort guys, appreciated. I know it's difficult, and sorry to ask, but an ETA would be very helpful even if it's a rough estimate. Maybe something like "it will take at least another week", for example. I only have so much free time, and if the fixes take a while I will probably focus on another aircraft for the time being and come back later when the update comes out. good luck.
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