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  1. I use the CRJ MCE beta and love it. My PNF is a nice American lady, TTS voice. Peter
  2. Yeah David, I wish my FO would already sit next to me. Miss him from the Bus. Budbud +1 Peter
  3. Waiting for the FO too. Specifically for this plane as it keeps a single pilot quite busy. Peter
  4. Yes they are calibrated in Windows as well as P3D. What I found that the handling of the throttles gets a bit better after hitting F4, F1, F2 keys a couple of times in no specific order. Peter
  5. Thanks David, but I really liked to use my throttle levers. Peter
  6. I do not want a diver, but it the device manager shows no driver installed. Tried different USB ports, restart system, with no success.
  7. Ok, I changed the USB port and now I have a big problem, my Saitek Flight Yoke incl. Throttle Quadrant refuses to get a driver installed. It is powered but not working at all. I know it's not a CRJ problem but maybe someone can still help me. Thanks Peter
  8. Thank you Mathijs, the zones are probably defined in a cfg file. Maybe you can give us a modified cfg and the simmers not affected can fly with the original one. Peter
  9. Hi, I do have problems to hit the gates (TOGA, CLB etc.) with my Saitek Throttle Quadrant. The gates are so close that my throttle levers jump all over the place. Ok they might be a bit jittery but work well in every other complex aircraft. I do not use FSUPIC. Is there a way to widen the gates or do something else? This is really impacting the fun with this otherwise very nice aircraft. By the way I do not want to use buttons or keys. Thanks Peter
  10. Danke für die schnelle Antwort. Aber ich habe unter der Produktgruppe FSX gesucht und München gefunden. Dort steht FSX (mit * aber keine Erklärung dafür) und FS 2004. Da mußte ich davon ausgehen, daß dies auf dem FSX läuft:
  11. Hallo, ich habe mir heute per download die München Szenerie gekauft. Installation hat funktioniert (d:\FSX). Doch wenn ich den Flusi starte, wird die München Szenerie nicht geladen. BS ist Windows7 64Home. Weiß jemand Hilfe? Gruß Peter
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