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  1. Hi I am writing some scripts to show the the status of CRJ700 using AAO and StreamDeck. After careful checking all the available LVars in the AAO Menu and the attachment I found in this fourm, I still cannot find the LVars related to the N1 & N2 Status, also the MDA and DH status which indicate whether such a mode is activated. Did I look for a wrong place or just miss something? CRJ-LVARS (1).txt
  2. It seems that FBW A320 implement this function, so I think it should be possible for Aerosoft
  3. after upgrading to windows11, everything goes well except the engine sound ouside the plane. It is really noisy, I need to lower the engine sound setting in MSFS2020 to 50% making to back a acceptable range. I don't know if this is a bug related to CRJ or MSFS, I try one other GA Plane, it just goes well. (maybe I never fly them before, normally I fly CRJ700 only) CRJ version
  4. Hi, I recently join a VATSIM fly activity, an ATC requested me to perform a route offset to keep distance between specific 2 airplane. I tried all the menus in FMS but i just failed to find one function to reach this. So, is there a relative function in CRJ 700 system and where is it?
  5. I'm using the Honeycomb bravo throttle, this change I think is just suitable for me
  6. please trust us, i am a software engineer , i know something may sounds impossible but it did happen, is a screen record would be helpful for you to locate this problem thought i doubt about it
  7. sorry I have got my answer, the ASCRJ_TQ_REV1_MODE works, sorry for the interruption.
  8. does anyone know what is the LVar for ARM REVERSER, I tyried all the keys relevant to "REV" such as ASCRJ_REVERSER_L_POS, ASCRJ_TQ_REV1_MODE, but none of them is the one i need
  9. thanks ,it works, but it couldn't explain why other's plane restore back to normal once deleting the crj files
  10. having the same problem, restoring of other plane's ATC sound can be done by removing CRJ folder
  11. Last week I upgraded my CRJ 700 to v1.0.0.5 by ASUpdator from v1.0.0.3, everything goes well except that i can hear no sound from ATC(ATIS, push back response. etc..), I got just text, but no sounds, however the voice from my side is working. I checked every perferences relevant to the ATC sound , I fully confirm that those were set correctly. I checked the others plane like C172, a320nx, all planes are having the same problem! and! after removing (moving the folder into other place)the crj folder from community path, all sound's behavior of other planes are correctly! once I remove the crj folder back to the community folder, the sound problem unforunately occured again. So I did these following steps, hoping to help you with locating this issue: 1. v1.0.0.5 CRJ 700 installed: no ATC sound for all airplanes. 2. reset CRJ 700 by deleting all the files with prefix "m" according to the FAQ article in this forum. : still no ATC sound for all airplane. 3. delete files of CRJ 700 under "\LocalCache" and "\LocalState" folder: all ATC sounds work normally. 4. install v1.0.0.3 from simmarket.com,(which is the latest version on it), all ATC sounds work good, including CRJ 700 5. upgrade to v1.0.0.5 by ASUpdater: ATC sound broke. 6. moving the crj folder out of community folder, ATC sound works great. please help me with this annoying problem, BTW, I have miscrosoft store version, this problem occurds before and after the latest world update.
  12. Where did you find the dev update? Hope it is true so I can enjoy my weekend
  13. luckily, I just brought Honeycomb Bravo Throttle and Airbus Pack 2 weeks ago it from Taobao, a biggest chinese platform of online trade. both have fabulous quality
  14. It is a definitely good news, can't wait for this major update, will the ALT rotatry function of Honeycomb Barvo Throttle be fixed in this update?
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