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  1. hello, I have exchange the DLL files as asked but without results. this is the email of Shaun he ask me to put this on the forum: Can you copy your dll.xml to a safe location and then delete the original. then try the attached one..... I did this and the MCDU tell me now to wait a few seconds in green letters (dit not do this before), but after that it's stacked again. Please, is there a solution for this problem??? thanks Pierre SAB61P
  2. No Shaun I just installed the scenery with the installer, nothing more. I have reinstall ti with the same problem. I hope you can help me ! Thanks Regards Pierre
  3. Hello, I have just installed Amsterdam X (FSX) and if the airport seems great, I have trees everywhere in the airport, on rwys, on taxiways....probably from the default scenery. how can I remove all this trees? Thanks for the support PIerre
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    Hello, I have the version 1.21 of Airbus X, MFSF X with SP2 A cannot chose in the MCDU aircarft state or door, the first page do nothing. I cannot enter anything into the MCDU, it is stakked with a "0" into the left corner. I check the GPS dll file ant this is correct; I de-install the Airbus and reinstall it with the same result. I cannot edit the dll file on the maner I found in the forum where somebody replace a -2 with a 2. Is this the solution and how can I edit this file? Many thanks for your support. Pierre
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