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  1. All straightened out now. I was being directed back to the old 2017 accounts and not given any directions on how to find the current accounts. All is well now. You can delete this whole thread if you like. Regards, rRay
  2. Hello Mathijs, This was posted on Sunday, it is now Friday, and I am no closer to being able to upgrade my Helgoland for AFS2 to v1.1 than I was on Sunday. I can't seem to get anyone to actually read the emails that I am sending to I keep getting "canned" replies that direct me to an old account that does not have any purchases in 2018. Everything listed is prior to 10 February 2017. Unfortunately, I purchased the original Helgoland on 20 Feb 2018 on purchase order number 1130946. (see attachment) This old account is the only one that recognizes my email address, any attempt to log in at "support" gets the big red box and the "unknown" email or password error. If I could just find someone that could point me to some sort of support link that would allow me to download the latest update, I would be happy. Maybe just a "click here" to download would be great. Regards, Ray Marshall
  3. Thanks guys, email sent. Regards, Ray
  4. I purchased by download on Feb 20, 2018 Helgoland. I received an Aerosoft confirmation email with the order and etc. Yet the same email that Aerosoft used doesn't seem to exist. duh. Order number 1130946 on Feb 20, 2018 15:28. The system suggested that I probably forgot my password so I requested a new password, but did not receive anything. I checked again and was informed that my email address was not registered. This was probably the 10 th item that I purchased. Ray Marshall
  5. Flyboy1

    Junkers Ju52/3M

    Are you thinking the engines will give out at that altitude? Service ceiling spec is 19,000 and change. Runway and approach in less than 10,000 feet. Regards, Ray
  6. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    WingZ, Have you added the line <[string8][extra_user_folder][D:\extra_user_folder]> in your main.mcf file? The main.mcf file is located at C:\users\yourname\documents\Aerofly FS 2 folder. It can be placed anywhere in the file. You might search the file in case the line has already been added during a recent update and all you need to do is edit the part that identifies your D:\ drive. Once you have the line edited correctly, be sure to save the file. Next you need to create a folder on your D: drive named extra_user_folder as a root folder and make sure you add a subfolder for scenery. Subfolders to the scenery folder are places and images. Then specify that path for the Aerosoft installer to follow. IPACS recommends only using this extra folder for scenery related files. You can search the forum at Aerofly FS 2 to read more about this and to make sure I made it clear for you. Regards, Ray
  7. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    here is the link Regards, Ray
  8. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    If you want a change of pace and some really fun flying in Aerofly FS2 and you have this Aerosoft Helgoland scenery for AFS2 jump over to the IPACS forum and let me know that you are interested in the details. I will make a fun pack with the tsc files for the offshore platform helipads and we can takeoff from the helipads and land if you are good enough. Thanks Sasa, thanks Aerosoft. Regards, Ray
  9. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    Wow. Quick work, indeed. Thanks. Regards, Ray
  10. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    OK. Your Quick Fix did indeed fix the tsc files. I now have wall to wall wind turbines in the water and the expected offshore platforms and the Mittelplate oil rig is now populated with equipment. Thanks for the update. I fully understand the cost of high res scenery is prohibitive for small and inexpensive scenery add ons. So I am guessing that you shouldn't mind if the AFS2 users upgrade their copies with the free FSET scenery. Here is what it looks like at 1m level 14. Only problem is the files size are rather large. 4 tiles = 723 MB. Regards, Ray
  11. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    Hello Support. My installation does not show the offshore installation, oil rig or any scenery except the two islands, one ship close by and the Heide-Busem airport and mainland scenery. Nothing else. The folders and files appear to be in the proper location but when I check the tsc files for the exact location and go there - nothing is there. Any ideas? Regards, Ray
  12. Flyboy1

    Helgoland AFS2

    I think the next update needs to also address the low resolution scenery around Busum airport. Regards, Ray
  13. Thanks Sasa, I am looking forward to flying in this area with this new scenery for AFS2. I hope you add more AFS2 scenery in the future. Regards, Ray
  14. Sasa, Is that another one of those "green airports" in this latest screenshot? @ 3 o'clock on the edge of the big circle. hmmm. Regards, Ray
  15. Any new screenshots to keep up occupied during the testing and completion? Regards, Ray