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  1. Just relax and be patient - they're still trying to find out what is actually going wrong and are debugging things. It will come when it's ready.
  2. my bad, just get rid of it ..oooOO (what the heck was i searching for?)
  3. I searched the forums but didn't stumble over it... I kinda like it, fairly new as well: Youtube Link The "pilot" did even mention some things he was "missing" (not that I would be able to weigh in) - might be interesting for Aerosoft as well.
  4. Siehe den zweiten Post aus diesem Thread in Navigraphs eigenem Forum. Der Installer lässt Dich die Sim wählen für die Du die Daten installiert haben möchtest. In Kürze soll das aber wohl auch abseits eines eigenen Installers, der weiterhin auch für die AIRAC Updates gebraucht wird, seinen Weg in den FMS Updater finden.
  5. No problem and thanks for the flowers, sir. What made me somewhat crazy about AAO was that I couldn't find some kind of "event viewer" like in SPAD.neXt to see what LVARS and what values are being used when pushing a button for example, like this (here it's the battery master, the AC, some light and finally starting up the APU for example): It has made a lot of things way more easy for me because most of the time I didn't have any idea what LVAR / value(s) is involved in a certain action and was somewhat tired to google for them. That I can filter for events is just a cherry on top in SPAD.neXt. It may very well be that AAO comes with something similar but I just couldn't find it. If it exists - stupid me. In case it doesn't it would be a very good addition to AAO to simplify things for beginners like me but there are just some many LVARS to chose from in the LVAR tree that at least I was having a hard time.
  6. Since most of the functionality from the Aerosoft CRJ is not mappable from with MSFS itself due to LVARS being heavily used and being an owner of some of Virpils equipment, I was looking for a way to get my HOTAS back in action aside from just using the throttle and flaps lever aside from some other buttons. I checked into SPAD.neXt, Axis and Ohs and Linda (plus FSUIPC). Even though all of those programs serve their purpose and deserve their due respect, I finally went with SPAD.neXt. It’s the most expensive of those three, but as far as I’m concerned and this is just my own opinion, AoH seems far too complicated to me at the moment even though the develope is a master in supporting his user base and even though Linda is free it need FSUIPC and looks like it still has some way to go. To cut a very long story short, SPAD.neXt on the other hand was okayish to get into and I’ve finally completed what I would call my first installment of a profile for Aerosofts CRJ and the Virpil Mongoose throttle I own. I’m far from done, yet and it could be as well buggy here and there but it could serve others as an example and may save some of you some time to figure certain events out, especially when you’re going to get into SPAD.neXt. Active mappings so far: *) B1 = Battery Master *) B2 = AC *) B3 = APU *) B4 = Hydraulics (halfway working; the only flip down all at once, yet) *) B5 = L / R Boost Pumps *) T4 = Beaconlight *) T3 = Nav lights *) T2 = Strobe light *) T1 = Landings lights *) T5 = Autopilot Eng *) T6 = NAV *) E1 = set and change VS mode (set to Encoder dial and Delay in VPCs configuration tool) *) E2 = set and change ALTmode (set to Encoder dial and Delay in VPCs configuration tool) *) left dial on the throttle = adjust / set Heading bug; switch HDG/ Roll with the button to the right on top (see VPC config above) *) right dial on the throttle = set IAS; enable Speed with the button on top of the wheel (see VPC config above) *) B6 = Master Warning / Caution reset I tried to keep the button animations and lightings working. Some things, e.g. the flaps lever, the throttle and the now “heading” dial up left on the throttle still work through their settings from within MSFS itself. Download below and save it to your Documents\SPAD.neXt\profiles folder. Then restart SPAD.neXt. CM2.xml
  7. Thanks to all of you and yes, all of it probably is more of a pilot error. This thread and some of its posts in there sum it up pretty well for me now. This thread here can be closed as solved as far as I am concerned.
  8. Thank you for your and Chaxteriums post a little further up. After having read all of it a couple of times now it's probably the best explanation yet to my thread and problems and I was facing that I've described there.
  9. I agree. Around or below FL200 I could not replicate the issue we're facing here but I'm still trying to make any sense out of it all to be honest. But the situation you're describing is the exact same I have been experiencing.
  10. Ya, I guess the same is happening here and again: I was on a flight from KJFK to KMIA today. Everything was smooth at FL360 and at .73-.74 - N1 was at around 80-81 when the plane suddenly after about an hour or so lost speed down to around 180KTS when I realized what was happening (wind hadn't changed, though). I catched the plane, though by pushing the levers to their max (N1 at 91) but the plane just stuck around at around 180KTS and was barely gaining any speed back even though N1 was at 90+ aleady. If ATC would ask me to rise to FL380 I would have not gotten there, even in climb mode since it pushes N1 only +2 points more - I probably would have lost much more speed just by trying that like the day before yesterday when I first reported it. I then put the plane back to climb (N1 at around 93+) and after maybe seven or eight minutes or so I was finally back at .74: I put the icing effects to visual only, too now but that doesn't seem to be the issue at stake here. I really don't know if that's the expected behavour. I've also rewatched FlibertFlies video I mentioned abobe - he also had the icing effects to visual only. They seem to have suspected that he didn't realize that he was losing speed beforehand. I did check the display readings constantly though. And this other topic kind off explains what I'm somewhat experiencing. when it comes to climbing.
  11. No I didn't. I was up in the air flying at .74 at FL300 as ATC told me to rise to FL380 (ignore that fact; FL380 is not tha maximum height for this plane so I just tried). I put the throttle lever to climb and switched to speed with a maximum set of around .78 and then the plane speed went slowly but surely down and it started to fall. Since ATC constantly reminded me to rise back again, I tried all I could to get up again but didn't have any success so I asked ATC for a lower FL. First FL280, then even FL240. That's when I took both of the screenshots above. In the FilbertFlies video I mentioned above they were discussing this issue, too because he was facing the exact same issue but I couldn't really get around what they were assuming and talking about. That's when I decided to ask about this in here because I'm not sure what I could do to get the plane rising while already at .74 apart trying to speed up more in order to get the plane higher. I will try the "visual ice" option as soon as I get a chance. Since it happened to me two or three times now I'm quite interested to find out what this is all about.
  12. Alright, thank you. Is that specific to certain aircrafts or aircraft types? I would have expected the aircraft to easily climb at that speed since much more than .74 is not advisable but I guess I can find that out in the accompanying performance guide, uh?
  13. Thank you for the hint - this might be indeed an idea to try out.
  14. Chose climb and speed but nothing made a difference anyway.
  15. Experienced this a couple of times yesterday at different flight levels. Speed is around .74, flight level at around FL300, plane is all leveled and up in the air without problems for around an hour. Tried then to climb a bit further but it resulted in nothing happening. The outside view however looked like this and the plane slowly began losing speed and height more and more. I tried to catch the plane at FL240 but didn't succeed either. The plane stayed at around 140kts and was still losing height. Then all of a sudden, the plane leveled itself in the outside view, speed rose again, i tried to climb again but to no avail. Tried a lot of things (checked for speed brake, tried anti ice et cetera). FilbertFlies experienced somewhat of the same situation in his latest video at around 1h50. It's absolutely possible that I've done something wrong or didn't notice something, i.e. an arm chair pilot error happening but it was still a very strange situation I could not explain to myself. Pebkac or bug?
  16. had the same problem once yesterday. i then tried to reset the plane to "ready for taxi" and got this result then: apart from the fadec faults i've not seen before yet, i tried to shut both engines down. the right one still behaved as expected but the left one was fully unresponsive and just stayed running. i restarted the game then.
  17. Same problem here, happened multiple times to me now and I'm on v1.0.0.1. While still on ground at EDLP and trying to enter flight plan data in the CDU, the sim likes to crash after I hit the DEL button. I can still hear the APU running and people are still moving around the plane at the airport but all of the displays and the EFB are frozen and none of the buttons are working anymore. In the screenshot below I tried to delete N624 that I put at the wrong step obviously. Right after hitting DEL the sim crashed on me.
  18. Hm, neither Little Nav Map, nor Navigraph nor Simbrief on my end likes AKAN3A. Am i holding it wrong? I suspect it's because the newest AIRAC has changed things but this makes following this from the tutorial --- When you seek support, we might ask if you have followed this guide and exactly at what point things on your screen do not match with what you expect from the text. Please be as exact as possible in that! --- kind of difficult for a "newb" like me, hehe. Well, i try it out with this one: GISD1X GISDI Y13 ALEXU N850 BIBTA Z719 OSBIT P605 TOSTU N624 NIKUT T726 GEBNO Z54 NOMBO Y161 RIDAR Z98 WLD T104 ROKIL ROKI1A Let's see how it plays out, haha.
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