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  1. As I write this, one throttle in stock on Amazon UK. Good luck someone.
  2. Bravo arrived, checked out and all is fine. Hence I have sent an order cancellation to Aerosoft and hopefully one more lucky person will get the one that would have gone to me Many thanks to @Mathijs Kok and @Marius Ellenbürger. Your presence on these forums is invaluable and even if we don't say it, we appreciate it greatly. I am going to keep an eye on this thread just for interest's sake as I want to see how the story pans out for others chasing the Bravo. Good luck all.
  3. Five weeks is crazy. Do you know the exact status? Maybe you can claim compensation from the delivery company to at least pay for your second order?
  4. Hmm, I have just now received a despatch note from Scan saying that the throttle is on it's way. Good stuff. No idea if this is the potential news talked about a few posts ago. I'll wait till it arrives before I do anything hasty
  5. Thats brave I think I would like to have it in hand before I cancelled. But great news that you have managed to get one.
  6. Intriguing! Perhaps one of those ships that had to take the long way round has finally made it with at least one decent container on it. But I'll stay patient in case "some customers" isn't me this time
  7. Thats interesting. I have had an order with them since 16th March so depending on how many they got I might get lucky too!
  8. Hi Mathijs, That person sounds like an idiotic nutcase and I hope that he is treated with the absolute contempt that he deserves. I am from the UK too but I regard myself as intelligent enough to realise that there will be charges on items entering the UK from other European countries. That coupled with additional initial teething problems was always likely to cause a few issues. I sincerely hope that you can easily get this fool out of your head and pay him no further attention. I know that's hard, I have dealt with the same and it plays on your mind. All I can say is keep up the great work. Both you and Marius do us all a great service, dealing with frustrated and impatient customers due to things outside your control. I, as many others on this forum, are greatly appreciative.
  9. Out of interest, I thought the last container received had been fully processed after several days. Are you able to disclose Where the stock come from to fulfill these very recent orders.
  10. Yes, extremely frustrating to have a 6 month order cancelled by Amazon when their only supplier of the part is fulfilling orders placed 3 months later to its own customers. Ah well, hopefully my order with Aerosoft will be fulfilled without the whole next batch going to other suppliers (at least there cannot be a backorder with Amazon to fill if they have cancelled them all).
  11. Mathijs, I know you would normally mention something important like this so are you able to comment on these recent orders being fulfilled? Has there indeed been a container delivery?
  12. Just had an interesting email from Amazon UK which begins: Hello, We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: "Bravo Throttle Quadrant - Honeycomb Aeronautical PC" Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #xxxxxxxxxx. In case you have been charged for it, payment will be refunded within 5-7 business days. We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you. This was ordered 28th October 2020. I assume as it's coming close to 6 months it's probably some automatic cancellation. Anyway, I thought the supplier would be Aerosoft and I rather hope the throttle is actually still available, just delayed
  13. Really? Just really? Spread false information, threatened legal action, got mostly down voted, caused many detailed replies from Aerosoft staff just to put his misleading information right, got himself banned, finally got what he wanted and then apologised. Yes, we really do need to see more of this behaviour.... NOT.
  14. As I understand it (and I may have got it wrong!) I thought any deliveries to Europe were made directly to Aerosoft and they distributed them to the various vendors (e.g. Scan, Amazon etc). If no new deliveries are due into Aerosoft then I can't see how Scan can complete orders. Unless they are from the Aerosoft delivery weeks ago?
  15. Thanks Marius. Strange it going to spam particularly as I did a straight reply to your original order confirmation. However, I got the response as soon as you checked it so that's all good.
  16. I appreciate that this is the best way to query an order and also that CS are busy. But it is not helpful when I sent an email on 10th April and a reminder on 17th April but still not received even an acknowledgement. 14 days should be sufficient for an order enquiry. Very frustrating.
  17. Hi Marius, If my order (1120312993) is still to be processed and I have had no other updates can I assume that this large delivery is fully processed now and that I am now waiting for the next container? Many thanks Glen
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