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  1. Thanks Alex ! Following your directions I could easily download the updates for textures and ground. No more flickering except may be the runways marks when seen from a distance. I feel fortunate, I don't have the disapearing traffic nor the trees problems. May be due to the fact that I bought LFPO two days ago in a corrected package ? Still remains the FPS drop problem which I would appreciate the fellows from Aerosoft to say if they intend to issue a correction. Thanks again Alex and best regards to all John33
  2. Hello everyone New to this forum. I installed megascenery Orly FS9 and I encountered the same problems as you all : flickering textures and FPS drop.... I read above that an update is available that solves the flickering problem, but was unable to find it into My account / update section. So my question is : Where Can I Find This Update ?? Thanks in advance to you John33
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