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  1. Respectfully request: Lao Airlines A320 MSN5396 RDPL-34224 Thanks in advance.
  2. Version 1.03


    Airbus A340-500/600 Aircraft files for PFPX. Data compiled from A340-600 FCOM Vol. 3, 03.05.10 - 03.07.70, SEQ 240, REV 27 (MSN 0639 0706 0723 0736 0753). Because there is no accurate representation currently in our FS platforms, you will need to determine the fuel bias based on the model for which you fly. v1.03: A340-541 WV000 A340-542X IGW WV002 WV004 A340-642 WV001 A340-642X HGW WV101 For accurate aircraft data including Increased Gross Weight (IGW) and High Gross Weight (HGW) models, download the Aircraft Characteristics PDF available at for each respective Weight Variant regarding DOW, MTOW, etc. and making corrections to the Aircraft.cfg accordingly. Installation: Copy and paste the files into their respective folders in your /Documents/PFPX Data folder. Restart PFPX and create your new Aircraft. Questions and Comments are very welcome. Enjoy!
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