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  1. Jay Solomon

    Newcastle X

    Found this & tried it & it worked for anyone having this issue, just change the airport ICAO.
  2. Jay Solomon

    Newcastle X

    Cool ill try that, FYI I'm using P3Dv3.
  3. Jay Solomon

    Newcastle X

    Hey, can't be as I don't have both installed.
  4. Jay Solomon

    Newcastle X

  5. Jay Solomon

    Newcastle X

    Hi, I've been searching through the forum for a fix on the double jet bridge at stands with a jetty any suggestions? been searching all morning with no luck. 2019-1-11_13-51-5-638.bmp
  6. Totally agree! to be blunt stop being so lazy! it isn't hard to search for info on here!
  7. Sounds very reasonable to me Mathijs, thanks to you & the team for all your hard work & dedication to give us a product we can all enjoy & get true immersion from at a very reasonable price.
  8. I'm using the default AFCAD that came with the scenery (cant find any modified AFCADS for this scenery does anyone know of any others)? Everything seems to work OK but he wants a certain runway config to be used: 27L - Landing 27R - Take off This AFCAD will let you have 27L as the take off and 27R as the departure runway but when it comes to the other way around FS does not like it. I have even tried the AFCAD on my system and it does not work with the runway config we want (will the other way though).