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  1. Forgive me as I'm kinda new to simming, don't you use the ground speed when calculating the 3 degree descent rate, instead of the IAS?
  2. When you cycled the spoilers, we're the spoilers deployed visually on the external view of the airplane as well? Or were they "deployed" but hidden - i.e., do you think the spoilers are deploying with a hidden effect without being reflected in the model?
  3. I hit the same issue today, and got a video: https://youtu.be/JMUSJculrGw Is this what you guys are experiencing too?
  4. Attempted two takeoffs today, and the issue is back. Both times attempting to climb out of KDEN 16L. First flight, I left everything default load wise. Second flight, I set the W&B manually with the EFB to the values that my VA loadsheet gave me. Everything looked correct. Both times I verified that the MSFS CG was all the way over - 35%. Both times I double-clicked the button to load the values from EFB to Sim to make sure. Trim was set to the EFB's recommendation. I am using Modern flight model for sure. Conditions were such that icing could occur - but anti-ice was ON for both engines and wing. https://youtu.be/5nMXSUUYFg8 Here is a link to a video of the issue. Interestingly, note 2 other things: Airspeed was not alive in the external view, and the FMS skipped one of my waypoints (BOGEI) and instead went direct STAKR without my input. Both times, the issue occurred: I ended up flying in a ridiculously nose-high attitude. I was able to climb about 1000 FPM, but with 20 degrees pitch, TOGA thrust, and a headwind I should be able to achieve higher performance than that lol. I feel like the most likely issue is aggressive icing, invisible visually, that affects the aircraft even when the Anti-Ice systems are on. Tomorrow I will try the same departure with visual-only ice, but tonight it is late and I am honestly sick of it lol. I am hoping that by the video you can see something obvious that I did wrong, because I otherwise LOVE this aircraft and would absolutely hate for it to have hidden, game-breaking bugs that trigger, for example, when I am trying to fly on VATSIM. Something else interesting that I encountered on another flight today, possibly related: At one point the aircraft would not climb properly by the autopilot at ALL. Set climb SPD 290 KTS and it pitched up violently, targeting around a 5000FPM rate (!). I then tried Vspeed, and that did not take - I would set VS to something reasonable (like 2000fpm), engage VS, and... nothing. Maybe a maximum of about 400 FPM. I know I was accelerating properly as in level flight the aircraft would quickly exceed 300Kts and overspeed at this point while VS mode failed to engage. I have attached a picture of the VS issue.
  5. Hmm. I just attempted two more flights and they were fine - absolutely flawless. Which leads me to believe it might have been icing or bugged out weight & balance. Is the icing visually modeled on the CRJ when it occurs? Additionally, it was about 10 degrees C OAT in the first flight, and dry, so icing conditions should not have been present. It is interesting though because I did have anti-ice on in the first flight, as well as these subsequent flights. I also did not modify the default load that the aircraft loads with. I am not sure if the CoG slider was 35% in my initial flight but it was definitely 35% in both of these subsequent flights, and that is the value it appears to load in with. On the first flight I did not reconcile the EFB with the sim UI, but on the subsequent flights they appeared to match - and again, I did not change anything about the default value loaded in when I started cold & dark.
  6. Just took off in the CRJ700 for the first time. Climbing out of KGJT, the aircraft would not climb properly at all. Indicated speed was around 200 Kts, but it only maintained a nose-up attitude of about 15 degrees and climbing extremely slowly, on the order of like 200FPM. I tried everything I thought of to get out of this situation: thrust lever position, flaps, spoilers, elevator trim, etc. But to no avail. According to the EFB my CG was 18.1% - I didn't mess around with the loads heels in any way, just transferred them to the FMS and off we go. I am using Modern flight model. Even when the aircraft was "clean" (flaps retracted, spoilers retracted, gear up) and at max power if I dropped the nose below 10 degrees it would plummet. I was not flying in icing conditions, to my knowledge, and did not observe any icing. Wind was calm. I've tried the obvious things, but I feel like I I probably missing something in the way I configured the aircraft - so help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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