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  1. "80 Days: Wrap-up" Haven't make a lot of words (but a lot of pictures ๐Ÿ™‚) in my "visual diary", so why start now? Hence let me wrap up the 80 days with a few numbers and pictures summarizing my take of this epic journey: I was rather naive and reckoned to fly about 22.000-24.000 NM overall. Well, I had a lot of fun, so finally the overall distance flown (without the prologue and epilogues, but including all intermissions, e.g., to the Himalayas and the U.S. SW National Parks) became twice as much: Overall distance flown: 48.164 NM Just the main legs flown in the Hawk T1 were 33.515 NM! Hence I spent a lot more time flying than anticipated: Overall time flown: 135h:46min My final route (without the intermissions) emerged over time to become this: I had a lot of fun flying different aircraft: Total number of different aircraft types: 17 And, as you may have observed, I made a lot of screenshots. Not just those shared. My Lightroom folder is bursting: Total number of screenshots made: >11.000 But overall, this was not about numbers. Imho this journey was about the joy of flying all of us share: Have aircraft, will travel ๐Ÿ™‚ So here are some parting screenshots. "Always reach for the top": Aileron rolls are fun: Loopings are even more fun: "Riding (well, flying ๐Ÿ™‚) into the sunset": My final shoutout to all fellow "contestants": It's been a great honour and even more a great pleasure to do this journey together and I'm looking forward to the next one, whenever and wherever that may be ... ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Epilogue 2: RAF Scampton Airbase (EGXP) - Egelsbach (EDFE) Take-off: 19.03.22 14:18 UTC - Landing: 16:52 UTC Flight time: 2:34h Flight distance: 445 NM Flew back the day before yesterday to my home base Egelsbach (EDFE) near Frankfurt, Germany. Started in great VMC ... from Scampton Airbase (EGXP) and headed SSE, here flying over Colchester, ... the Thames Estuary, ... and Margate: Crossed the Channel, happy to observe that DFDS (as opposed to P&O) was still offering ferry services for those not able to fly home, ... making landfall near Dunkerque and heading east, flying over Brussels: Continued east, flying into Germany at Aachen ... and from there on switching off LNM. Flew over Bonn, ... following the River Rhein to Koblenz ... and further to St. Goarshausen. Turned east there ... flying over the back of the Taunus Hills ("Hintertaunus"), ... and approaching the GroรŸer Feldberg (Taunus, not Schwarzwald!): Followed the A661 south with nice views of the Frankfurt skyline ... to the end of the A661 near Egelsbach: Flew the downwind of RWY 08 ... and made a safe landing at Egelsbach (EDFE): Good to be back home ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Epilogue 1: London City (EGLC) - RAF Valley Airbase (EGOV) - RAF Scampton Airbase (EGXP) Take-off: 19.03.22 09:49 UTC - Landing: 11:55 UTC Flight time: 1:54h Flight distance: 704 NM Had to give back the Hawk T1 eventually, so I made a final trip in this fine aircraft from London back to RAF Scampton Airbase (EGXP). It was a day with glorious VFR conditions, so obviously I had to take the long route and do another final scenic tour ๐Ÿ™‚ Flew over London City, ... waved hello to the Queen, ... and flew over the Royal Botanic Gardens ("Kew Gardens"). Left the London suburbs and headed NW, flying over Oxford and Blenheim Palace, ... Warwick Castle, ... and Birmingham. Continued towards my first goal today, the Snowdonia National Park ... which was covered mostly by clouds on my trip from Ireland over Wales to London a week ago. So I took the opportunity of today's great VMC and did a few rounds of the Mach Loop: Felt somewhat dizzy afterwards, so I made a quick stop at RAF Valley AB (EGOV). Continued east flying over Glyder Fawr, ... the Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodrell_Bank_Observatory) with the Lovell Telescope, ... Manchester, Leeds, ... Fountains Abbey, ... and York with the York Minster: Had some fun with the Hawk climbing high at an insanely fast climb rate ... and diving low at supersonic speeds (sorry to all Lincoln inhabitants ๐Ÿ™‚) Safe landing at Scampton, lots of stories to share and happy faces all over the RAF Red Arrow Team to have her back ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Some nice final shots yet to be posted! See you in Thailand or the Reform Club ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Leg 8.8 - Cardiff (EGFF) - London City (EGLC) Take-off: 11.03.22 16:57 UTC - Landing: 17:49 UTC Flight time: 0:52h Flight distance: 405 NM Finally: The last, very short leg back to London nine days ago! Took off from Cardiff (EGFF), flying over the Bristol Channel ... and again did not take the direct route, but headed SW following the Devon and Cornish coasts ... to Land's End: Turned east and followed the English Channel Coast, ... here flying over Torquay: Sun was slowly beginning to set ... and the cloud cover, after turning north and approaching London became more dense ... but I still could catch glimpses of Gatwick (EGKK) ... and the City of London ... before making my final landing of the 80 day journey at London City Airport (EGLC): Had a great, somewhat exhausted feeling leaving the Hawk at the final parking spot: No time right now, so I'll post a wrap-up and some statistics of my journey later today or tomorrow. But overall and in short: It's been a great pleasure and I'm looking forward to the next one, whenever that may be ... ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Leg 8.7 - Dublin (EIDW) - Liverpool John Lennon (EGGP) - Cardiff (EGFF) Take-off: 11.03.22 14:20 UTC - Landing: 15:58 UTC Flight time: 1:30h Flight distance: 602 NM Continued my flight back to London on March 11th after a lunch break from Dublin (EIDW) in cloudy conditions, here flying over the port of Dublin, where P. Fogg set over to Liverpool: I still had time left, so I decided to make a quick detour over the north of England, flying east over the Irish Sea and Liverpool to the North York Moors National Park and back west over the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Lake District National Park: Flew back south to Liverpool, the next stop on P. Fogg's journey ... and made a quick stop at Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP). Took off from EGGP in rainy conditions ... and headed SW to Snowdonia National Park. I started a round of the Mach Loop (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_Loop) there ... but cloud cover was too low, so I had to abort this endeavour. Continued to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ... and landed at Cardiff Airport (EGFF):
  7. I'm afraid I had to leave London this morning, since I needed to transfer the Hawk T1 back to its RAF home base at Scampton (EGXP). Will be back in London for the 24th March though
  8. Leg 8.6 - Glasgow (EGPF) - Dublin (EIDW) Take-off: 11.03.22 11:36 UTC - Landing: 13:04 UTC Flight time: 1:28h Flight distance: 605 NM Started the trip back to London from Glasgow a week ago around noon in cloudy weather, taking off from EGPF ... heading south and following the coast, here over Prestwick (EGPK): I crossed the North Channel of the Irish Sea, flying over Belfast (fully covered by clouds), the Northern and Western Coast of Ireland, here over Galway ... down to the South of Ireland, here flying over Killarney National Park: Flew over Cape Clear and (not modeled in MSFS 2020) Fastnet Lighthouse, if I recall correctly another part of P. Fogg's journey: Continued to Cork, where P. Fogg left his boat ... and made a landing in rainy conditions at Dublin Airport (EIDW).
  9. Agreed! The Twotter is a great plane (not just) for "flightseeing". Albeit personally I'd probably refrain from flying 20.000+ NM with a cruise speed of just 160-180 kts ๐Ÿ˜ž Did I mention I love the Hawk T1? ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I'm still waiting for a fast (>250 kts, better >300 kts) top-notch 3rd-party turboprop GA aircraft in MSFS 2020 like the TBM 940, the Piper M600 or the Pilatus PC-12. I like the Vertigo, but I as it's a pure fantasy mod I'm not flying it often.
  10. Thanks And good luck for your trip back to London!
  11. Intermission 32: Glasgow (EGPF) - Barra (EGPR) - Glasgow Take-off: 10.03.22 14:47 UTC - Landing: 16:38 UTC Flight Time: 1:47h Flight distance: 284 NM Last intermission on the 80-day journey: A flight from Glasgow to Barra and back a week ago, of course taking the Twin Otter. Took off from Glasgow in cloudy conditions ... followed by overcast sky on the first part of my trip: Weather clearing up over Coll ... and great VMC conditions approaching Barra: However, strong southerly winds, so I took "RWY" 15 (or whatever I guessed came close to it on the beach) ... and made a safe landing on one of the most unusual airports worldwide: Continued after a few minutes taking a slight detour, here over Eriskay ... and the southern part of Skye: Weather became a bit more cloudy again heading east, ... than SE near Fort William: Flew over Ben Nevis (and was happy enough to spot it through the clouds today) ... and Loch Lomond ... before returning to Glasgow (EGPF). Enjoyable trip in a great aircraft over an impressive landscape!
  12. Leg 8.5 - Reijkavik (BIRK) - Vagar (EKVG) - Glasgow (EGPF) Take-off: 09.03.22 10:04 UTC - Landing: 12:25 UTC Flight time: 2:10h Flight distance: 917 NM Reducing my backlog regarding posting the final legs, so here's my flight from Iceland to Scotland a week ago: Took off from Reijkavik (BIRK) and followed the southern coast ... with impressive rendition of the landscape due to Orbx Iceland Mesh: Flew till Hornafjordur (BIHN) and headed SE, encountering strong SW winds of over 100 kts and a thick cloud cover: Approach to Vagar (EKVG) in IMC, ... making a quick refueling stop there: Due to the thick cloud cover I skipped the detour to the Shetland Islands, flew directly to Mainland ... and continued to Glasgow:
  13. Leg 8.4 - Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) - Narsarsuaq (BGBW) - Kulusuk (BGKK) - Reijkavik (BIRK) Take-off: 08.03.22 15:02 UTC - Landing: 18:30 UTC Flight time: 3:14h Flight distance: 1419 NM I've still got some backlog regarding posting the final legs, so here's my flight from Greenland to Iceland a week ago: Took off from Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) heading south (I wanted to follow the coast of Greenland rather than taking the direct eastbound route) ... flying towards Nuuk (BGGH) ... and making a first short stop at Narsarsuaq (BGBW): Continued NE following the coast ... and made a second stop at Kulusuk (BGKK): Left Greenland and headed east making landfall at Iceland near รsafjรถrรฐur. Again I did not take the direct route to Reykjavรญk, but flew east first towards Gjogur (BIGJ), ... Siglufjordur (BISI) ... and only then flew SW: Approached Reykjavรญk from the North ... and made a safe landing in rather strong winds at BIRK:
  14. London! Landing: 11.03.22 17:49 UTC Arrived safely in London Friday 11th March ๐Ÿ™‚. Still some backlog, but I hope to be able to post the final legs some time next week!
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