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  1. Anyone else having this problem? Is the correct bearing working for others?
  2. I am getting an incorrect bearing placement of a custom waypoint entered into the Legs Page. The bearing is about -20 degrees different to what I enter. For example, custom waypoint entered: YBBN280/05. The waypoint is placed at the correct distance but at a bearing of 260. See image. The magnetic variation is 11.5 east so it's not a magnetic vs true issue. IRS is aligned. POS INIT is set to FMS POS. Any ideas to fix? Version is
  3. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe a Rad Cross should be able to be entered that doesn’t intersect the flight plan path. If that is correct, please can that be updated in a future patch. One example of how this would be beneficial is to extend a runway centreline for approach awareness. I know the INTC CRS function can also be used for this but that too is not currently working for a manually entered radial.
  4. I fixed another issue with flight plans loading and now tried the FIX Rad Cross again and it's working. Although only working when there's a flight plan loaded and the Rad Cross intersects the flight plan. Otherwise it says "No Intersection"
  5. So can someone still confirm whether the Radial Cross function works for them or not?
  6. I had issues with loading flight plans and found it was caused by having some flight plan filenames with more than 8 characters in the flight plan folder. When I deleted those from the flight plan folder, the other flight plans worked again. Plus check if flight plan get's loaded into Secondary flight plan.
  7. I just tried the demo version of Axis and Oh's. After reading the LVARs from the sim, I created a new button assignment but I can't select any of the Local Variables - ASCRJ_FCP_ALT etc for the Simulator Event. I tried the AP_ALT_VAR_DEC / INC but we know that doesn't work with the CRJ. Do I need to use the scripting function? If so, please can I get exact instructions as I'm not knowledgeable about scripting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks @HighFlyer51 for the info. My hardware is just a keyboard. I'm just wanting to map two keyboard keys for Altitude Select increase and decrease. This is what I use for all other aircraft but as Aerosoft have said, those key bindings don't work for the CRJ. Are any of those software options able to map a keyboard key to the Altitude Select increase and decrease? If more than one of them does, can you give your opinion as to which is the easiest to setup? I am not familiar with any of them currently. And I would assume the command needs to be mapped to the CRJ specifically and not to the MFS default Alt Sel command/variable as we know that doesn't work with the CRJ. Thanks.
  9. @HighFlyer51 @Andy B. What is the best/easiest solution for getting keyboard commands to control the Altitude Select increase and decrease? This is a major problem for me right now. I don't have any knowledge of those software options so please if you can provide as much detail on the steps involved that would be awesome. Thanks!
  10. I think I've determined the issue that was happening for me. I had some saved flight plans that had more than 8 characters in the filename. When I remove these from the flight plan folder, the other plans (8 characters in file name) then loaded correctly.
  11. I just deleted the non-original flight plans and loading a flight plan now worked. I've gradually added back in some custom plans (simbrief) and they are working at the moment
  12. Why did you just lock the post "Load flight plans from MCDU Menu"? The issue is not resolved and I was just about to post a solution i just found.

  13. None now work for me. Original flight plans or imported from simbrief. Nothing shows up in Secondary or Active flight plans. It worked originally.
  14. @bobbyfuzzy Thanks! @Svaly The message is "No Intersection". I have tried with many different radials to see if works but always says "No Intersection". If I enter a Distance Cross it gives a Rad Cross. If I then use that Rad Cross as another Fix it still says "No Intersection".
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