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  1. Hi all, Maybe I did something wrong, but I got this interesting number on my VNAV MFD screen (see red circle). Anybody knows what happened here? It seems to be a combination of numbers?
  2. Thanks! Had been looking for 'updater', 'aersoft', etc but that was the right name. Thanks again!
  3. That's what I thought as well (and I bought via the shop), but I can't find it anymore... weird!
  4. Where do you find the Updater?
  5. There needs to be an altitude constraints on the descent. You do not need to enter a SID. Just enter an altitude constraint on one of the waypoints on the descent (if I'm correct from the top of my head, enter altitude and then select button on right side of the relevant waypoint in the legs page)
  6. For me, I saw the green CoG dot suddenly moving in the picture after 4 clicks and getting more in the middle (before it was on the left side). And then the high pitch issue was gone on approach.
  7. Did you have any altitude constraints at one of the waypoints? Those will come with a SID, but you can also enter one manually, e.g. 3000ft at final fix before runway.
  8. Any hints on what I might be doing wrong? Decending to 3000 ft, the a/c often decends too low. I have the feeling it has to do with me taking throttle back at the same time to reduce speed, which seems to confuse the AP. Could that be the issue?
  9. I think you're making the same mistake as I did. You need to turn the button left of the PFD to set the nav source to the localizer (going green on the needles). Check The Dude's video, episode 9, 4:25 minutes. I still had an issue with the flight director going down to much, but by turning it off and back on again, it was ok.
  10. Missed 1 step in the video.. going green on the needles by switching the source!
  11. I guess I'm forgetting something obvious, but I'm not getting the green ball / lines in the PFD, although LOC and GS are mentioned in green. What am I forgetting?
  12. It is so funny to see how everybody is getting excited and wanting to know the time of the actual release. I'm just as excited. But let's relax, take a coffee, it will be there somewhere today (I'm talking to myself now). First a job to do 😉
  13. Just a question: any plans to allow multiplayer setup? Like Yourcontrols for MSFS currently does?
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