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  1. I've searched the forums but I don't seem to find any answer to this question. Is there a way to change the estimated weight per passenger. I know Simbrief estimate each passenger as 175lbs. I'm not sure what weight the EFB is assuming. I want to be able to input the data from the flight plan and be pretty close to estimates it gives.
  2. Despite the negative rhetoric that is plaguing these forums at the moment, I want to stop and give props to Aerosoft for developing such a beautiful and immersive experience. The CRJ, while a departure from the autonomous Airbus, is a dream to fly and really showcases what payware should be. The surprising part for me is that I have much better frames with the CRJ then I do with default, FBW A320, and PMP A330. The systems are very in-depth and really challenge you when flying the aircraft. I usually average 30-45 fps with the FBW A320 for example but am getting 55-65 fps with the CRJ. Now just as some background my MSFS main directory and Community folder are on different drives. Both are NVMe drives however. I'm not sure if this helps or hurts performance but it hasn't seemed to hurt anything thus far. Below are my computer specs in case it may help anyone figure out problems they are having. PC Specs Intel i7 9700K OC @ 5.1GHz CPU cache OC @ 5.0GHz AVX offset is 0 EVGA 2070 Super XC OC @ 2.1 MHz Memory OC @ 8.0 MHz NVIDIA control panel adjusted as needed x2 Samsung Evo 1TB NVMe drives 32GB Ram @ 3200MHz MSFS All high settings Object LOD @ 125 Render Resolution @ 100 (1440p) Terrain LOD @ 200 Display refresh set to medium V-sync off
  3. You do know that Asobo hasn't fully developed an all inclusive development kit right? You know that has been stated by numerous companies in the payware space right? You all just comment and post off of emotion instead of looking at thing objectively. We all see with every world update a new set of bugs and broken items. Flaps being one recently. Until Asobo finalizes there code which, will not be until summer at the earliest with the DX12 integration, there will be problems and payware developers will need to contact Asobo until a robust all inclusive developer kit is made. Asobo, from what I've read from other developers, is keeping MSFS very close to heart when it comes to debugging log files.
  4. I know you're upset and a bit disappointed but you have to realize the MSFS dev team have not put together a robust development kit for 3rd party companies. They are limited in what they can see and do based on what information the MSFS dev team give Aerosoft. Luckily my copy was fine and installed first try. What I would suggest is making a copy of your community folder and then deleting all content within that folder. There could be a common addon that's causing issues. An example of this is how initially the PMP A330 was not compatible with the FBW A320. A compatibility mod had to be created so they functioned well together. Also perform a clean install of the CRJ again and ensure it is run as administrator. Lastly, run MSFS as an administrator to ensure it can use as much system resources as it needs.
  5. So it will be 3/16 in Germany in 8 hours.....so maybe release in 8 hours.
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