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  1. @Marius Ellenbürger apologies for the ping, any news on that? I haven't received any reply back.
  2. Sure, thank you very much Marius. Just sent it. all the best M.
  3. Hello, apologies if I'm writing in English - can't do it in German I also have a preorder of a couple of weeks ago, I appreciate you might not have a delivery date, but would it be possible to know at least where I am in the queue? Thanks Marco
  4. Hello, apologies for the (partial) OT, is the availability of the Thrustmaster Airbus Edition known? I've preordered the Joystick + Throttle Combo, together with the TCA Quadrant Add on, is there a way to know the expected dispatch date? Apologies again if I'm OT, happy to open a separate thread if it's better. Thanks M.
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