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  1. np, is it possible to cancel my order? how should I do it?
  2. Hello @Mathijs Kok are there any news? I've seen you said you had received a shipment. Thanks
  3. It helps managing expectations. Anyway, is it possible for me to know when Aerosoft are expecting to ship my order? Or, perhaps, if you are expecting any stock in the next days? Best m.
  4. Hello, Thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure I'm following: you do create expectations when you are not providing any information, apart from "it'll be very soon" Being transparent on how many orders are in the queue and how many items you have received and are ready to be shipped would give us more clarity. I appreciate is more work, though
  5. Hello, order n.1120295189 (12th of Feb) Thrustmaster - TCA Quadrant Add-On Airbus Edition Thrustmaster - TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition On the 1st of March, Marius Ellenbürger told me that Aerosoft were expecting to ship at least the Officer Pack soon. But no joy as of today. Any chances you have updates? It would be very helpful if you could setup a page or a forum post where you regularly update us about these pre-orders and the status of shipments, otherwise I (and I believe also other customers) feel a bit left in the dark. Something like Overclockers UK are doing would really help in terms of transparency and managing our expectations. Thanks MarcoDS
  6. @Marius Ellenbürger apologies for the ping, any news on that? I haven't received any reply back.
  7. Sure, thank you very much Marius. Just sent it. all the best M.
  8. Hello, apologies if I'm writing in English - can't do it in German I also have a preorder of a couple of weeks ago, I appreciate you might not have a delivery date, but would it be possible to know at least where I am in the queue? Thanks Marco
  9. Hello, apologies for the (partial) OT, is the availability of the Thrustmaster Airbus Edition known? I've preordered the Joystick + Throttle Combo, together with the TCA Quadrant Add on, is there a way to know the expected dispatch date? Apologies again if I'm OT, happy to open a separate thread if it's better. Thanks M.
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