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  1. Is there anyway to assign a key/button to altitude bug? Or what is the key binding?
  2. Every time on final my right engine stalls. I do not have failures turned on. Any ideas?
  3. I had to reload MSFS and now the Honeycomb throttles are skipping from Idle to MAX and I have read everything to resolve. I am lost. It worked fine before. Any ideas?
  4. It imported fine but when loading the flight it would hang and CTD
  5. Looks like importing from simbrief is causing the CTD.
  6. Never got CTD before the CRJ. I love the CRJ!!! So damn smooth and a joy. I had to reload windows because of the the CRJ install broke it. Am I the only one???? Had a few flights and it is fantastic.
  7. Thanks for the reply. In the documentation, the it reads, is that the green light comes on indicating the flight plan is loaded: NOTE: A grey light means no flight plan is being loaded – an orange light means a flight plan is being loaded – a green light means a flight plan is loaded I guess this where I thought is was not loading because the green light did not light up. Chris
  8. Yes created on the same system. I will try to record it and send it to you, if that will help. Again great plane!
  9. They are loaded but green light is grey??
  10. The light does not turn green but the WARN light turns on. I thought the light had to turn green for the plan to be loaded. Am I missing something? BTW Great Aircraft!
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