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  1. Same issue, and I have set up the perf page on the EFB. This is the first time this has happened to me but it happened to my friend in a group flight last night. Thanks for any help/information as to what I am doing wrong or forgetting. -Joe
  2. What instructions are you referring to? The only "instruction" I have seen from anyone/anything affiliated with Aerosoft was a single line of small text in the Aerosoft installer which said, basically, "don't use the installer". They haven't even updated the latest releases thread, let alone instruct customers how to install the update properly step by step? Then if one should have a problem, one must figure out how to properly diagnose and categorize it. I had a problem, and I had to try to fit it into some category where it might be noticed and responded to. And,
  3. @JRBarrett Thank you very much. I confess that I did not realize the real plane cannot fly those approaches. I will keep my ears open and try some different options with other approaches to see how the CRJ responds. I appreciate your time! -Joe
  4. I pre-ordered the CRJ and have been using it since March. I have been struggling with this update for about 6 hours. First the throttle didn't work - I worked around that. I know a hotfix is coming - so not a big deal. Then the next problem started. The aircraft is not flyable for me and I am hoping someone might be able to tell me what I am doing wrong or provide some suggestions of how to further troubleshoot? Any assistance would be appreciated. Symptoms: I load into the game, POS INIT, and import a flight plan from Simbrief. I add the STAR to the route (SIZLR3) and the a
  5. I have this problem in the FBW A320, the WT CJ4, and the CRJ. It must be a simulator issue.
  6. He is also using a Bravo Quadrant, so that might be a clue?
  7. I'm flying with my friend right now, same flight path, same weather, and he has the exact issue and I do not. Very odd.
  8. @Muffo For troubleshooting, have you tried removing everything from your community folder temporarily so that only the CRJ remains? If that fixes the problem, then you can add the others back one by one to see where the conflict might be? Another thing I would check is the content manager in the simulator. Make sure that you have no downloads pending, if you do, update everything and see if there is improvement? Hope you can figure it out ASAP. -Joe
  9. @Mathijs Kok Hello there. While I cannot translate the manual from English to another language, I would be happy to make suggestions for clarity in the English text. I would do that by tracking changes so that the suggestions could be implemented or discarded by your team. Would that be helpful? If not, no problem. If so, I will get to work. Thank you. -Joe
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