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  1. I have not tried with Bravo, as I was playing with Alpha (more). What I would suggest you do is load the plane and refs for Alpha, and while game is running, go into configurator and make changes to active alpha profile (new buttons and maybe changes to existing bindings). Save then go and reload the datarefs in game. Note this is not happening on every change, but it does happen. Of note is that I am also using datarefstool to monitor and see the refs I need, but I think crash happens wether this plugin windows is opened or not. I have attached the profile
  2. Strange issue: When I start the x-plane, loading a plane (zibo in my case), does not activate alpha and bravo configurator bindings. I have to go to plug-in menu to reload the datarefs for both devices. Then it works. Is this normal behaviour or should bindings be loaded automatically at flight start, as last active profile was for zibo? Thanks.
  3. Hello, thanks. Yes I have both Alpha and Bravo. Running under Windows 10. Mod running is Zibo 738.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Zibo 738 Lights: BCN - Collision Avoidance LAND - All landing lights TAXI - All taxi lights NAV - Steady Strobe (down position) STROBE - Pulse Strobe (up position) Note: Taxi and Land Lights are all on or all off. Battery: BATT - Turns on the battery (does not close the switch) and Dome lights to bright (useful when you are spawning at night). TCAS: Starter positions reflect 5 stage TCAS positioning from Standby to On. Its not perfect, but maybe can give you a good base to tweak or enable ad
  5. Getting crashes on Xplane 11.51 when reloading Alpha Yoke refs via plugin menu (after using configuration to modify bindings). Xplane Log actually says that. Any ways to troubleshoot this ? Log: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Honeycomb Bridge Module Aerosoft GmbH}==-- (Art controls are modified.)
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