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  1. For me was this just 2 days working i reinstalled FSX totaly again and i run FUIPC4.60. It's fixed now runs fine. Really nice plane.
  2. i got more people that have those problems so i buy the wilco airbus or mabey the justfligh A320 yea way better then this joke.
  3. I have also these problems with this airbus crash alot and before v1 i can't stear the plane so it goes to the left side of the runway, and keep the plain in air is also a big problem. For me no Airbus x i uninstalled i go fly the Wilco airbus mabey thats better for me. I wish that this airbus can controlled by a Xbox 360 controller but it seems not if it was then it wil fix the fun for me but im really unhappy atm
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