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  1. They didn`t .... Mathijs said "not before August" .... we need to wait until its done.
  2. Folks, I already bought Seychelles Scenery in your shop .... still missing the Twotter .... please hurry up
  3. Take your time Mahtijs. Its done when its done. A slot in my hangar is already reserved.
  4. I'm sure Asobo is the bottleneck for the twinotter release date i.e. water physics. We can only wait and hope that Asobo will do as well with the development as Aerosoft. Fingers crossed.
  5. Oh ja, scenery of Indian Ocean with Seychelles, Maledives and so on would be great! Canβ€˜t wait to fly the Twotter there.
  6. Yeah, end of summer would be fine .... I am really looking forward to flying the twin otter.
  7. 6 months ago .... Skydive Dubai .... would be awesome livery
  8. I am looking forward to the fantastic Aerosoft Twinotter and hope for a release in Q2. That would be great
  9. My MSFS has been sitting in the hangar for quite some time because there are no really decent aircraft available that have an acceptable system depth (just my subjective opinion). In this respect, I really hope for an early release of the Twinotter. Very much before September πŸ˜‰
  10. This awesome Aircraft could be a pretty nice xmas gift Merry Xmas + happy landings @all
  11. Co-Pilot in cockpit is good news. Thx. Can`t wait for that stunning Aircraft. I am very curious to see what liveries will be available in DL-package. Is there any pre-order available? I should spend some more money this year
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