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  1. ... we should have this one as well 😉
  2. Would be great if a painter could do this one .... thank you so much !
  3. Hallo, ich bin glĂŒcklich mit der Twotter, möchte aber auf ein Soundproblem hinweisen (vielleicht ist das bereits bekannt): der Motoren-Sound "springt" beim Erhöhen bzw. Verringern der Drehzahl extrem, d.h., es erfolgt keine wirklich nachvollziehbare drehzahlabhĂ€ngige GerĂ€uschentwicklung, sondern eine eher "sprunghafte". Danke.
  4. Ja, das funktioniert, ganz herzlichen Dank!
  5. Habe Aerosoft One installiert, aber die Anwendung startet nicht. Weder als Administrator noch als Benutzer. Es erscheint nach der Installation fĂŒr ca. 0,5 Sek. das Aerosoft One Logo, dann ist es wieder weg und nichts passiert. Schade, habe die Twotter gekauft, per Paypal bezahlt und man kann sie nur mit Aerosoft One installieren. Es gibt im Sofortdownload-Bereich nur den Link zu Aerosoft One, leider keinen Link zum Produkt selbst. Könnte man das bitte umgehend instandsetzen? Danke!
  6. No time to count the sleeps ... I have to plan my XXL route (13.000 nm) 😉 ... I do it with LNVM what is really great stuff .... my biggest worry is that I will mess up the landing on my very first flight.
  7. Folks, what is the maximum range on "standard" conditions? approx. 900 NM?
  8. Thx ... sounds interesting ... I am afraid that there might be problems with refueling on this route (due to XXL distances)
  9. That sounds very exciting, I'm looking forward to exploring this area with the Twotter. Thank you very much for your information, Ben. I only fly in "live weather" mode. If the weather should be too bad, the Twotter stays on the ground. After all, I want to get the new aircraft to the Seychelles in one piece
  10. I can fly about 2 sections per week because unfortunately I don't have more time .... so it will take 8-10 months ... and I want to have the Twotter painted on the way, that will also take some time. Yes, I should do a logbook for documentation, good idea!
  11. I have planned my transfer flight from Canada to Seychelles ... oh my dear .... my plan is to handle all takeoffs and landings cleanly according to procedure ... fingers crossed
  12. I am looking forward to picking up my brand new Twotter in Canada and transferring it to the homebase in Mahe (Seychelles) which is definitely a very long distance (10,000+ nm) On the way I will have it painted somewhere (Air Seychelles liverie) Fingers crossed. Cheers!
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