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  1. Same here. Should have had a tear-drop entry to a right hold. Instead, the aircraft turned left where it should have turned right. Holding was supposed to have worked at release, but it has never worked properly with the exception of perhaps direct entries. There are many threads documenting this problem. Personally, this was the feature I was most looking forward to, so it has been disappointing to not see a fix for this. Hoping somebody at Aerosoft can confirm that they are aware of the problems with this feature and are intending to fix them.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll play around with the suggestions. I will say that I have gotten EFB stab trim values anywhere from 5.8 to 7.5. 7.2 has been pretty common for me and that was definitely the EFB value for the flight depicted above. I do wonder though...since the update, the aileron and rudder trim will show green when they are not exactly neutral. You have to eye-ball it a bit now; perhaps I'm just a tiny bit off...
  3. I can't figure out what the problem is, but the T.O. Config OK message doesn't always display. I'm following the checklists and AFIK, I'm not doing anything differently in the cases where it displays vs the cases where it doesn't. I expect it to display as soon as I release the parking brake after completing the taxi checklist. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. In the cases where it doesn't display, I have no ECAM warnings, nor do I get takeoff config warnings when I advance the throttles. Take off proceeds normally, I just never got the confirmation that my configuration was good. I've attached an example below. As you can see, T.O. Config OK is not displayed in the ECAM, but neither are there any warnings. Takeoff proceeded normally. Anybody have any idea what is going on? Known bug?
  4. Hopefully somebody who knows the CRJ can confirm whether I'm doing something wrong or encountering a bug. The issue that I keep having is that I select an approach with a hold/procedure turn but there is a discontinuity between the last waypoint and the start of the approach. I've tried the methods outlined in the documentation for dealing with discontinuities, but they don't work in this case. If I try to clear the discontinuity by deleting it from the legs page, doing so also results in the subsequent hold being removed as well (though the hold fix itself remains, but it is converted to a simple waypoint). That is not what I want, since I want the autopilot to fly the hold entry as a procedure turn. If I try to use the direct page to circumvent the discontinuity, the only waypoints listed are prior to the hold fix. The hold fix is not listed (yes, I've checked forward and backwards on the paging). If I manually enter the hold fix and go direct, it inserts the direct-to before the discontinuity, resulting in the same inability to resume navigation once I reach the fix. Here is an example from today's flight: Departure: KMKE via RWY 19R UECKR6.SAMPLE UECKR6 SAMPL DCT HYK DCT SAV DCT Arrival: KSAV RNAV (GPS) Z RWY 28 There is a discontinuity between SAV and TELOE (which is the IAF/Holding fix for the RNAV Z RWY 28 approach) that I can't seem to get rid of or work around to go to TELOE and do the parallel entry/procedure turn. I know that non-direct hold entries aren't working at the moment, but I would like to figure out what my issue is in attempting to deal with the discontinuity. I've encountered the same issue with vectors. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. You will get that error if you are trying to enter a waypoint on the left side of the page. Airways are entered on the left side, direct to waypoints are entered on the right side. IIRC this is discussed in Volume 6.
  6. Do you have an axis set for speed brakes (spoilers) and did you hit escape at some point to pause the game prior to taking off? If so, you experienced a "phantom" speed brake deployment when you resumed the game. When it happens, neither the speed brake lever nor the external view show that the speed brakes have deployed. The solution is to clear the axis, but you should be able to fix it in-flight by manually deploying and retracting the speed brakes. The other symptom would have been an inability to climb.
  7. Lots of topics on this. At the moment (though I haven't tested the latest update), it seems like only direct entries work. Parallel and teardrop entries seem to result in the aircraft wandering all over the place and never finding the hold.
  8. Lots of topics on this, but summarizing: 1) Ice can be a problem, but you will get an ice warning if it is. Turn anti-ice on. I doubt that this is your issue. 2) Don't let your speed drop too low. If that happens, you will end up with an angle of attack that is too high and you won't be able to overcome the resulting drag no matter what the throttle is set to. To recover, pitch down accelerate to mach .74 and resume climbing. (Real CRJ pilots may be able to recommend a different mach number, but I know .74 works). 3) If you have speed brakes (spoilers) and flaps bound to an axis and you hit escape, you might find that the flaps and speed brakes extend on returning to the game. However, you won't see the speed brake handle move, nor will you see the speed brakes deployed in external view. The solution is to remove the offending axis settings, but you should be able to work around the problem in-flight by using the speed brake lever to manually extend the speed brakes and then immediately retract them. After doing that, you may (or may not) need to pitch down to gain sufficient speed to resume climbing. I've been up to FL400 with a loaded CR7 without issue, but you do have to mind the above issues (#2 especially).
  9. You don't have to move the speed brakes if you are careful. I find that if I move the view to the left and start by finding the hitbox on the 'y' key, I can usually then move down from there to the 'clear' key while preserving key focus.
  10. Another hold that didn't work properly. Transitioning from DSD, same deal as above. Should have been a parallel entry, with right turns, instead the auto pilot just flailed around with left turns. I also couldn't exit the hold. I pushed the Exit Hold LSK which then showed armed, but I finally had to choose direct TISTE to continue on with the approach.
  11. Same for me. I was flying the ILS Rwy 34L approach at KRNO, transitioning via FMG. The hold was set up correctly at APIME (automatically, which was great). The aircraft should have flown a parallel entry to initiate the hold, passing the fix outbound heading 164, making a left turn back to APIME after 1.1 minutes and then making a right turn at APIME for the first (and only) circuit of the hold. None of that happened. The aircraft crossed APIME and kept making a series of meandering left turns, never executing a proper entry or getting established in the hold. I've been successful with a direct entry to a hold, so I suspect the problem may only occur with parallel and possibly teardrop entries. Anyway, I hope we get a fix for this sooner rather than later.
  12. Thanks. I tried quite a few things, but I didn't think to try entering the bottom altitude first.
  13. I know how to enter crossing restrictions bounded above or below by a single altitude, but how do I enter a block restriction? Say I've got a STAR where I have to cross a waypoint below FL220 and above FL200. How do I enter that restriction in the Legs page? I've tried various permutations of stringing the two altitudes together without success; i.e. /F220F200, /F220 F200, etc.
  14. I entered the wrong flight number because I had inadvertently created a dispatch for the opposite direction flight. I corrected the dispatch but forgot to change the flight number that I had already written down. So I entered the incorrect flight number in both the flight plan page and the radio page. I discovered the error when I was doing the departure briefing. However, when I tried to re-enter the correct flight number neither the flight plan page nor the radio page would allow it. I typed the correct flight number in the scratch pad, but when I pressed the LSK to enter it, instead of overwriting I just ended up with a blank flight number. Not a biggie, but probably an easy fix for the next update...
  15. Paraphrasing, but you were in a stable descent for a normal landing, visibility was (presumably) above published minimums for the approach and you had the approach lights in sight. You can go down 100 feet below MDA with the approach lights in sight. To continue and land at that point, you have to have the runway environment in sight. For approach lights, that would require the terminating bars or the red side bars. Otherwise, you have to have the threshold, threshold markings or lights, REIL, VASI, TDZ/markings, the runway or runway markings in sight. Great video--thanks for taking the time to put it together and publish it. I was just about to ask why you set the MDA to 1030 (which was also the circle to land MDA), when I found your post with all of the details.
  16. Ah. It looks like the issue is only going to happen to those of us using the Thrustmaster Airbus TCA Throttle Quadrant. By default the flaps and spoilers are bound to an axis. See: Flaps/Spoilers after pausing Game - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums. Looks like removing the binding as per the post will solve the problem once and for all.
  17. This issue has nothing to do with icing. It is the combination of the sim bug where ESC is triggering full flap and speed brake deployment and the speed brake deployment not being shown visibly in the CRJ when this occurs. IOW, the speed brakes are out, but the pilot has no way of knowing that because the lever is up and external view does not show the speed brakes as having been deployed. Reproducing the issue is easy. Just hit ESC prior to taking off. Hit ESC to return to the game. Notice that you won't get a Takeoff Config OK notice in the ECAM, but the master caution/master warning will be off and there will be no warning messages in the ECAM, even if you press CAS. Go ahead and take off. You will be able to do it, but the plane will adopt a nose up pitch, will not climb, and will not accelerate, even at max thrust. You can also see this at any other stage of flight. After pressing ESC and then returning to the game, the "stealth" speed brakes will be fully extended and the plane will behave accordingly: it won't climb, it will slow and not accelerate, and it will drop like a brick with reduced throttle settings.
  18. I can confirm that with Pushback Helper you can release the parking brake when commanded to do so by the ground crew, but then it cannot be set again until pushback helper is closed.
  19. I think the issue may be as simple as hitting escape to pause the sim. I had two attempts at flight today where the aircraft wouldn't climb. In both cases, I had to try to pause the sim in the middle of getting set up because I had something come up. Finally, I got some uninterrupted time and repeated all of the same processes except that I didn't ever hit escape. That flight proceeded with no problems. Hitting escape seems to do bad things right now. @dihedral noted a "stealth" speed brake deployment. My guess is that this happens when pressing escape. That would be consistent with the behavior I've seen in other aircraft. Coming out of escape pause seems to deploy full flaps and full speed brakes (in aircraft that have them). In the CRJ I was seeing full flaps deploy, but not speed brakes (neither in the cockpit nor in the external view), so I assumed that it wasn't happening. However, the inability to climb behavior would make sense then if full speed brakes were actually deployed but the animations weren't happening for some reason.
  20. Well, I tested my out of trim hypothesis, but that wasn't the cause of the problem. Even with trim let alone, I'm currently climbing without issue. I encountered some icing on the climb and flipped anti-ice and still continued to climb without issue. If I encounter the problem again, I'll try switching to icing as a visual effect only just to rule out that, but I doubt that is the issue given that switching the anti-ice has never resolved the problem. I suspect that there is a bug lurking here where something puts the aircraft in a bad aerodynamic state. As my pictures demonstrate above, none of the four reasons posted apply (though you will have to trust me that my flight mode has never been legacy). If I find out anything more, I'll post back but the last few flights have gone without incident.
  21. I might have an inkling on the cause of the not being able to climb. I won't have a chance to test it until later this afternoon (Colorado, USA time), but I think this might be caused by not setting the trim ahead of take-off. Mathijs mentioned the aircraft being out of trim earlier, but I didn't consider it because the trim looked reasonable at the time I was encountering the problem. However, in the tutorial weight and balance, if you forget to set it before take off, the aircraft will be nose-heavy when the autopilot is engaged. I'm wondering if the autopilot overcorrects and in the dynamics of the simulator we end up stuck in what almost seems like a semi-stall. Anyway, in thinking about this, it is plausible that I missed the trim. The last time I encountered this issue, I can remember asking myself on takeoff roll if I remembered to check for Takeoff Config Ok in the ECAM and before I could come up with an answer I was at Vr, but with full back elevator the aircraft wouldn't pitch up. I remember looking down to confirm the pitch disconnect was stowed and then I finally had pitch authority. So I'm pretty sure I forgot to set the trim, which means I didn't see Takeoff Config Ok. Anyway, I'll test and report back this afternoon.
  22. Some of the rotary switches take an extremely long time to set. Two of the biggest offenders are the ADF knob and the knob to set an MDA/DH. The latter took me over a minute to set an MDA of something like 1600 feet. I can't imagine what it is going to be like to set a high altitude MDA, but I'm genuinely worried that the inability to quickly set an MDA/DH is a liability given that approaches often get changed at the last minute. Is there an alternate UI (or plans for one) available to speed up the process? It would be great to be able to hover over the switch press the right alt key and get a text box where I could directly enter what I want. The other really painful switch is on the fuel panel. I would assume that it IRL one could just hold down the toggle for increment/decrement until arriving at the correct number. Is there any way to do this in the sim? Having to use the rotary key is difficult because each rotation is a single event. The problem is that the mouse wheel gesture is ambiguous. It could mean rotate/toggle the switch or it could mean zoom the virtual cockpit. Invariably, I get several clicks on the increment fuel switch and then the zoom changes and I have to reset my view and find the switch again. Finally, probably the most painful thing about using the mouse wheel for switches in general is the inverse of the problem described above. Periodically, I'll be using the mouse wheel to zoom my view and I'll hear a click because the state of some switch got changed. What is really terrible is that I usually have no idea which switch it was unless it happens to be something that will trigger a message in the MFD. In both cases, it would be great if switches could somehow be sticky, so there would be no ambiguity between manipulating a switch versus moving around in the virtual cockpit. Also, I have yet to fly in turbulence, but I suspect that some of these knobs and switches are going to be even more difficult to work with when things get bumpy.
  23. I've been having problems setting the parking brake. It is intermittent, but when the issue occurs, whether I use the mouse, my keybinding, or my joystick button binding, I see it briefly show set in the MFD but then it releases. Watching the animation, it pulls up, but goes right back down instead of twisting. It would appear that it is tangled up with some other logic and getting in a bad state. I also had the problem where it wouldn't set, but that was because I was doing an abbreviated start to test something else and forgot to pull the chocks.
  24. Thanks for the reply. Anti-ice on shouldn't have a significant effect on climb performance. In cases where the aircraft has climbed properly, I have had it both on and off, so I don't think that is it.
  25. Something is just not right with the CRJ 700. In my latest attempt, climb to FL180 worked well. Cruise was fine, started the descent with VNAV guidance. Everything was fine until right before 5000 when I had to pause the sim (using ESC). When I un-paused, I was back to the buggy behavior. Suddenly, I couldn't go faster than 210 KIAS, the aircraft was pitched up just to hold altitude with full climb thrust. I tried to continue on to landing but the aircraft kept dropping when I pulled back some power and I couldn't get stabilized. Went around OK, but when I tried to go direct to a waypoint to start the approach again, the sim hung. The hanging problem has now happened twice when using the FMS.
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