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  1. Need to redo custom liveries that had changes to the prop hub but should only be a one off fix so no big deal.
  2. Yes, the prophub blur slow texture is used when stationary, the textured area in the wing texture file is not referenced at all currently.
  3. Cool, glad you got it sorted.
  4. I’m not at my pc just now but it will be possible. You’ll need to find the related comp dds file for prop blur and change the prop section to a lighter shade of grey in the blue channel. if you are not comfortable working with channels, you could probably just find the related comp file for one of the other default variants with a metallic spinner and copy that over to your custom livery folder and rename to fit the wheels cargo variant.
  5. The ones I have released post paint kit: https://flightsim.to/file/28428/viking-100th-c-fdht-wheels-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter https://flightsim.to/file/28427/viking-100th-c-fdht-amphibian-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter https://flightsim.to/file/28175/viking-100th-c-fmjo-amphibian-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter https://flightsim.to/file/28174/viking-100th-c-fmjo-wheels-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter Hope folks like these.
  6. To be honest, the infoboards doesn’t really need a separate psd file as it is just a single layer. Just copy the existing texture and edit it to update the cockpit registration.
  7. That’s genuinely simple for the custom livery artist. It’s literally a 1 min job and for me, goes hand in hand with the rest of the texture editing.
  8. Hi Stefan, I was going by the reference image included as the top layer in the paintkit which included the interior doors etc. I later discovered these are not required on the texture when testing it out.
  9. The texture.cfg file should only need to be updated for the paths for the fall back textures, You also need to do similar for the model.cfg. If you are not familiar with this then I suggest you download a 3rd party livery and review the structure - it will help enormously.
  10. Thanks Mathijs. I have run a quick test with the paint kit as is and even though the resultant texture file is missing the interior door lining and signage, it is still showing up in sim so it looks like these particular elements are not actually referenced via the fuselage texture. It looks like the example albedo file contained in the paint kit may be out of date or contain elements that are not required. I'll report back on any issues I find.
  11. Thanks for this Mathijs - this is going to make the livery creation process a lot quicker. I do notice there are some missing elements in the Paintkit though. Using the 300PAX fuselage for example, the Static Stuff group is missing some cockpit interior items such as internal door lining. This is also missing from the UV layer which may partly explain why it is missing. It does show up on the example sim albedo layer at the top if enabled though so we can manipulate that to fix the paint kit. I've not checked them all yet and will do a quick livery test and export into the sim this evening but just wanted to share this so you can hopefully feed back to the texture artists if they can update the paint kit.
  12. Even a blank white livery would be a good start, just the 3 main base files for fuselage, tail and wing. Would still prefer separate layers for ambient occlusion, metalwork and weathering - even without the uv map for the time being. Looking forward to what can be delivered as you will obviously know how popular this release is.
  13. British Airways Retro livery uploaded Available at https://flightsim.to/file/27149/british-airways-retro-g-bvvk-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter
  14. Loganair Retro livery uploaded Available at https://flightsim.to/file/26990/loganair-retro-g-biem-aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter
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