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  1. Cool. Does the CRJ? I’ve not seen one mentioned for that but may have missed it.
  2. Well they will be very shortly after release by myself!
  3. Loganair livery in blue please (G-SGTS or G-HIAL).
  4. As someone who leads a support team, I feel your pain!
  5. Hmm, I’ll need to sync my summer vacation from work. 😀
  6. Thank you sir, great to see this great progress.
  7. I’m assuming this s probably the most anticipated aircraft release for MSFS2020. Definitely excited for the release date.
  8. Was anyone else watching this come in to land safely? I couldn't leave the screen until I saw it safely down.
  9. I was surprised Asobo are making Liverpool with the excellent Digital Design version available. On looking at the initial pics of both, Digital Designs version still looks the better but not sure I would buy it over the Asobo version as it also looks good.
  10. Beautifully played by Mathijs! Leave a mention about a possible Easter egg in the forum and everyone is too busy searching and posting hypotheses to ask him any more questions. 🤠
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