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  1. Hello good afternoon! I'm trying to use Aerosoft 230 on my virtual flights but Vpilot doesn't identify According to this link where there is an image https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lyD9iIq_bBhfVu1eSIWmmSR6JBCBekETnO5Pj6G8LkE/edit?usp=sharing it even identifies my SODE bridges minus Aerosoft Sad I tried to download the VMR Generator but it is no longer available If anyone can help me I appreciate
  2. not after he walks alone and then sets the chocks and the parking brake
  3. I have the aerosoft airbus purchased with steam and gsx, when I place the airbus in an airport without squeezing anything it travels alone, most of the time leaving the bridge coverage area making it impossible to use, I know that this aircraft has already lost support, but would anyone know how to solve this? Sorry for my English. Sorry if you are on the wrong topic. Enrico.
  4. Tenho o MEU aerosoft airbus adquirido a vapor e gsx, quando coloco o airbus em um aeroporto sem apertar nada ele viaja sozinho, na maioria das vezes saindo da área de cobertura da ponte tornando impossível o uso, eu sei que esta aeronave já perdeu suporte, mas alguém saberia como resolver isso? Me desculpe pelo meu Inglês. Enrico.
  5. olá bom dia, pretende fazer essa pintura e a da trip advisor para o airbus x extended?
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