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  1. Hello, I am using TrackIR with the DHC-6 Twin Otter. I have a very difficult time getting a proper view of the autopilot. If I zoom in enough to go "through" the control yoke so I have an unobstructed straight view of the autopilot, the click points are gone. I notice this with other click points also - if zoomed in too close, the click points are gone. If I could remove the control yoke assembly from the 3D cockpit view, all would be perfect. Is this possible? If no, any suggestions to have good control of the autopilot? Thanks, Dave
  2. Thanks for everyones help. I now understand. For anyone who may be struggling with the same problem, here is my offer to help. It may not be technically correct, but it works for me. I use the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system. I am used to the red lever controlling the mixture. On the DHC-6, the red lever does not control the mixture. In the DHC-6 my red lever controls what the manual calls the "Fuel Levers". I did not make any adjustments to my axis settings. In other forum posts, the fuel levers are called Condition Levers (CL). The manual states that levers move a long way, they actually have only two settings: Off when pulled fully back and On in all other positions. It seems that this is not accurate. The Fuel Levers control the fuel flow at idle. They will cut off the engines if moved to zero, but above zero it will "fine tune" the idle RPM. With my black "throttle" lever at zero (called the Power Lever in the manual) and my red "fuel lever" at 100% my propeller RPM will indicate around 50%. When I move my red fuel lever to 25%, the propeller RPM indicates around 20%. This makes all the difference in keeping the plane from moving. As noted in other posts like this one: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=39740&st=0&p=263855&hl=+condition%20+lever&fromsearch=1&#entry263855 the red fuel lever affects only the idle, so there are no worries about starving the engine during normal flight if you forget to move it back to 100%. Hope this helps! Dave
  3. Thanks. I think my throttle calibration is OK. I don't have issues in other planes. Maybe I am wrong? If the calibration was wrong, wouldn' the overhead show the throttle position other than idle? Dave
  4. Hello, My DHC-6 Twin Otter floatplane moves forward in the water while the throttles are at idle in FSX. The overhead shows the throttles position at idle, gauges are: GG RPM 69%, Prop RPM 54%. If I run the reverser it will stop (or go backwards) but after returning the throttles to idle the plane will eventually start moving foward in the water again. Do I have something wrong? Is this expected behavior from the DHC-6? Thanks, Dave
  5. Hi, Thanks for the response. I run FSX with the target frame rate set to unlimited per Mathijs Kok's recommendation: http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=30796 If I set the target frame rate to 15 it helps, but the problem still exists. The display still stutters and the frame rate count display changes to 8 fps about once every 3 seconds. Very strange. Further testing has shown the below: - The "Scenery Complexity" slider affects the stutter and frame rate problem. If I run with it set to "normal" or higher, the problem exists. If I set it to "sparse" or lower, I can have every other slider to the maximum and there is no problem. The display is smooth and the displayed frame rate count is normal. Unfortunately, when set to "sparse" or lower, all the beautiful buildings are gone. -Selecting the "Preview DirectX 10" gives me a worse experience. The stutter problem still exists, and the overall display quality is worse when selecting the DirectX 10. Is DirectX 10 recommended for Chicago-X? - If I move to an airport outside of the Chicago-X scenery, all is good. If I move to any airport inside the Chicago-X area, the stutter and frame rate problem exists. Please help with any suggestions! I live in the Chicago area and really want to use the beautiful scenery! Thanks, DaveL
  6. Hello, Yesterday I purchased the Chicago-X scenery. It looks great! However I do have a problem. To make sure the problem is not caused by my setup, I uninstalled my anti-virus. I updated my video and other computer drivers. I completely uninstalled everything FS related and then re-installed FSX, then SP1, then SP2, then Chicago-X. I have no other 3rd party FS software installed. I defragged multiple times between each step, and I tested the performance before installing each item. Everything works fine until I use the Chicago-X scenery. My problem is that when using the Chicago-X scenery my system will run about 30 fps, but once every 3 seconds (approximately 3 seconds) my system will jump down to 8 fps and then go back up to 30 fps. It is at the 8 fps for only one "tick" of the fps display status. It is like a clock, once every 3 seconds. It is very consistent. The display is very jerky, not smooth at all. It is jerky all the time, not just once every 3 seconds. I have this problem with any aircraft. I have the problem while not moving. I have the problem in any view. I have the problem with either scenery density tool choice (more custom 3D buildings or less custom 3D buildings). While the fps goes up, the problem remains if I move my FSX sliders lower. I run FSX in windowed mode (not full screen mode) but the problem remains if I run in full screen mode. If I disable the Chicago-X and use the default FSX scenery, I will get a smooth display at a steady 42 fps. I am happy with the 30 fps with Chicago-X, but the jerky display is a real problem. Do you have any suggestions for me? It is frustrating because I really want to use the Chicago-X scenery! Specifications: FSX w/SP1& SP2. Intel i7-920 @ 2.6GHz. 6 GB DDR3-1600 triple channel. EVGA GTX-480 video card running the 257.21 driver. 1920 x 1200 x 32 display. Most FSX sliders at maximum. No AI aircraft or vehicles. No changes to my fsx.cfg file. FSX set to unlimited frames. Windows 7 64-bit with all updates. Thanks, DaveL
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