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  1. Ok, perfect ! I just wanted to be sure that the FBW was well modelised on this Add-on, and that it won't be a "classic" flight model, like the default one which is very bad for an Airbus (and a liner in general) ! Otherwise, @Emi : I'm not a beginer in Flight Simulation : I have FS for many years, and I have already piloted PMDG's plane (Md-11/B747/BAeJ-41), Captain sim(757/767),etc...So I'm not a beginer, sorry if my last post gave this impression
  2. Hi, that's an awesome job ! Wonderful ! But I have two questions : 1- Do you know this document ? (Written in French) It's very detailed, and explains everything about the A320 (Description of the Airbus Family, Flight controls, auto-thrust, the Autopilot, electrical systems, navigation systems, communications systems, lighting system, emergency oxygen system, deicing protection, landing gear, motorization, APU, and so on ...)And it's FREE, downloadable freely, free to use.It's a PDF , it's very exhaustive , everything is well explained, all the systems, in cabin, in cockpit, and so on...So if someone speak French here, I think it could be useful, it could help you.Really, it's the Bible of the A320, and it's free. (864 pages/free/A320 family/French/100 Mo) Link for download : http://www.fs-tutoriels.com/fr/litterature_Airbus_la_grande-visite_Tome_1_-_Airbus_A320_et_ses_systemes.php Enjoy 2- I have read parts of the document above, and I learned that the Flight Commands are very interesting : If the pilot pulls the stick (example : 10 degrees climb), when he stops pulling (the stick is centered) , the plane automatically keeps on climbing at 10 degrees : the pilot just move the stick to select the climb rate/descent rate, and the plane make the rest. To stop the climb, the pilot must push the stick, and when there are zero degrees of climb, he stop pushing the stick, and the plane automatically keeps zero degrees of climb. To me that's very interesting. So will it be implemented for the Aerosoft's A320X ? It would be so great, and so realistic. Because if it's not implemented, it won't be an Airbus , and I won't buy it. But if it is, I'll be very happy, and buy it to have a true Airbus ! (Sorry if you don't understand everything I have said, but I'm French.)
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