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  1. Have AES 2.08 installed in FSX. When I choose push-back then clearance only, Everything seems to work OK. But then when I go back into the menu to request push-back I get the dialog "F1 cancel push-back option." I push F1 and nothing happens.
  2. Sorry, didn't search thoroughly enough. Got it sorted out by renaming the folder in the Aerosoft folder to Beaver Missions.
  3. Just purchased and installed the Beaver Mission Pack for FSX. When I start FSX, I get an error message "SCENERY.CFG file error. local scenery directory(Aerosoft\Beaver Missions\SCENERY) in scenery Area. 200 not found" FSX with Acceleration Windows 7 64 bit
  4. Hi, Purchased the Beaver X for FSX. When I try to use the fuel pump handle it will only move once then refuses to to budge again. Running Windows 7 64 bit.
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