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  1. This is the END..!!! This multi-Part Soaring-Setup .... was geared to the Soaring Beginner... (I am a Beginner also) The info in all 3-Parts ... was written account I could not find any info on the Subject.... This has only scratched the surface.. It is by no means the only way.... Things left to learn.... There is Real Weather in FS-9 & FSX.. There is a way to guide the Tow Plane....in FSX... There is the CAISET gauges in some of the Gliders... Which is a learning curve by itself.... Thanks for the Input ... Ed
  2. Hi to all Beginners & Readers of this Thread.... Going to give You ideas on how to setup for Ridge Soaring.... This is by no means the only way... I am a Beginner just like You... So if I make a mistake tell me... ---------------------------------------------------------- If you have read the last of Part-2 and watched Scott's Video ... Seems like a good place to try Ridge Soaring.... This is Oahu Island, Hawaii Dillingham Airport ( PHDH ) Here is a Link to 6 pictures of the setup... http://picasaweb.google.com/Mr.CaptED/FSX0602?feat=directlink Pic-001 Shows the
  3. Hi to All Beginners and Others.... Thank you Scott for your correction on the subject of FSX and Oahu, Hawaii.. (Refer Part-2 at the bottom.) I had looked in Google Earth.. and the addon KMZ for FSX ... and it did not show anything on the Island of Oahu... So I did goto FSX and put "Dillingham" in the airport search and there it was... So Thank You.... I did say I was a Beginner.... Now I do not understand how to Quote Scott inside a post so I just copyed/Pasted... ==== Message from Scott ========================================================== I always fly with real-wor
  4. Hi to all Readers..... Thanks Scott for your input... Thanks "Awesome" for his input also.... Moving to the next Part .... account this thread is getting to long to email comments added... I have no idea why I just know it stops emailing you around 16-18 comments.... So here is the Link..... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=35468 Ed
  5. High to all that are following this thread.... Part 2 has gotten so long it no longer emailed about comments added..... So I am going to start "Part-3" Besure to click on Watch this Thread..... ED
  6. Hi to all that are Reading this.... We are using FSX and in the Advanced Weather settings.... Temp/Pressure setup....Because it effects CumulusX... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Well if you followed the above you know I made a mistake.... It has to do with Barometric Pressure Settings.... Turns out that it needs to be 29.92 and not changed.. for each Layer.... and if I had read it correctly I would have notice it is for Ground level.... When set at 29.92 and you press "B" key for Baro. it auto sets Altimeter to AirPort Altitude... Al
  7. Hi to all, and a Special Thanks to 'Awesome' for all his help.. This is mostly having to do with Thermals... Ridge lift setup in a few days... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am talking about the Advanced Weather Section of FSX where we set everthing.... I know you have been in and out of this alot as you tinker with it.... I removed all settings in the Clouds, Winds, Temps etc. Sections I am assuming you are capturing the Tables etc... and printing them.... You will need the tables.. as we enter Temp. Dew Point & Baro Pres
  8. Hello to "Awesome" and all others that read this Thread..... Well my "Arky" was showing earlier... Had to look up 'OAHU' turned out to be in Hawaii... Went to check with FSX and they do not have any Airports on that Island... But they do on the next Island... I flew from Port Allen, Hawaii (PAK) Here are a couple images of the Islands.... You will be able to tell exactly what I am talking about.... http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Let3JaDkz6Be3XzsM4dmbg?feat=directlink http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/b66rt7yNAGLReMgXhWkWTg?feat=directlink --------------------
  9. Thanks "Awesome" I did truly enjoy the Screen Shots.... The Condor Website should have used your pictures.... Awesome check your "Private Message" box... Will check later tonight... Later Ed
  10. Hi to all Readers... If you have read the last few post.... You know I was asked why FSX over Condor.... http://www.condorsoaring.com/ So I go Reading... The Default "Condor Soaring Sim" has a rather nice group of Gliders.. Look on the Website.. FSX has as big a selection of Gliders I might add.... Condor only has one area supplied with it "Slovenia" You can find some free add on Scenery and some to buy... FSX scenery is the world .... but to be fair, FSX has 4 Airports in Slovenia.... There is One Airport in FSX that is Close to the Alps... (LJLJ) Ljubljana Brnik, Slov
  11. Hi "AweSome", and all Readers... You question #10 >>> I'm just curious, why do you prefer FSX over condor? You have me asking myself why, I would think as a Beginner (including ME) would want to know about all Possible Sims... So with that thinking, I have Several Questions about FSX vs Condor Sims... (You are in a good position to answer) ------------------------------------------------------ Cost is to be Considered: FSX with Acceleration Pack ($39.95 USD) Condor with Plane Pack ($61.50 USD) FSX requires a rather good computer Setup.. Cost money Condor I hav
  12. Hi "Awesome" & all other Readers of this Thread.... I am glad you enjoyed the Screen Grabs... You have no idea how hard it was for me to figure out how to upload and get a link to work.... hehehe I assume from your comments you were able to see them ....and that the slide show feature worked.... And Yes I am going to make other Screen Grabs... ============================================================================== Thanks for Noticing the FPS ... I do not have it tweaked in any way.... I have not added any Scenery .... I have pulled all JetLiners out of mine.... I have o
  13. Thanks for Replying Scott.... Sorry to hear about your health problems.... When you do get around to feeling like it .... How about a detailed list of your tweaks .... I would think all Beginners like me would appricate your input..... Besure to list the computer parts (ie) CPU, Harddrive, Memory, OS ..... And on your comments about FSX over FS-9 .... I see alot of info for both, so that was my reason for asking which Version most people liked.... Get Well Soon , We need You Now...hehehe Later Ed
  14. Hi to All Readers.... I have finally Posted some pictures of my flight with the settings form the above Posts.... http://picasaweb.google.com/Mr.CaptED/SoaringFor43Minutes?feat=directlink You can make this a Slide Show or single images... I tried to add comments to all the images... On the comments about the time it took to climb from 3300ft. to 9300ft. zoom in on the chronometer.. Now the Glider is a "Genesis-2" by David Rowberry..(FS-9/FSX) You can get it on http://www.avsim.com also do a search by Author and You will find a "Horton HoIVa" ...(Download it) Not for the extrem
  15. Here is the Answer to Dew Point..... Dew Point You really don't need to care about dew, unless you're sleeping under your airplane's wing. But when you're planning a flight you should care about the dew point—the temperature to which the air must be cooled to reach saturation. The air around us contains invisible moisture known as water vapor. The difference between a location's temperature and its dew point indicates how well the air can currently hold moisture. Because cool air has a harder time holding moisture than warm air, pilots use this information to determine how likely it i
  16. Thanks to 'Awesome' and 'Hi to All'.. Revisiting the subject of Settings in the Weather....'Temp/Pressure' Section... ************************************************** I'm over my head so any input is appreciated.... ************************************************** There are 4 things that can be adjusted ... 1.) Altitude....You can create multi Temperature Layers... 2.) Temperature...I know it gets cooler at you gain in Altitude... 3.) Dew Point.... There is the "Fly in the Ointment". 4.) Barometric Pressure.... I know it changes... ============================
  17. This is Primary help for the Beginners... I am going to cover "WinchX" & "CumulusX"..... WinchX: Fairly Simple if you have it running.... Cable (m)= 1000 meters... Speed (km/h)= 75 .... Limiter = 8.0 kN.... Runways at Carlisile are about 4500 Ft.... So I set the Cable to 1000 m ( 3280 Ft.) I removed the Water Ballast to do my Thermalling.... I reduced the Speed down to 75 (km/h) Now I keep snapping the Cable when really heavy... on the Limiter 8.0 was basically in the middle..... ========================================================= Now to the "Cumulus
  18. Thanks 'Awesome' I will attempt to figure out what to do with it ... if anything... Just a quick Guess is the Air becomes heavier and density gets thicker =============================================== Going to finish my setup in WinchX & CumulusX then we shall revisit this topic.... Thanks Again Ed
  19. Hello to all Beginners reading this.... Much thanks to "Awesome" for the help.... --------------------------------------------------- NOTE to Everyone... Most figures are in Feet, Miles, Temp. are in Fahrenheit.. Unless I make note of it.... ---------------------------------------------------- First thing Lets setup FSX.... Goto Settings...Customize.. Weather Tab...Thermal Visualization "Normal" and all the other sliders to the Left side (Low) for now.... Click OK Now goto Free Flight... there are 4 boxes to mess with.... 1.) Pick your Glider... I picked L.A.K. Genesis 2
  20. Welcome to the New thread... I do assume if you are here you have read the other Part... ===================================================== "AWESOME" lives up to his Nickname... and here is how.... ===================================================== Now as a Beginner (Soaring) I have for the first time made a Flight for 43 minutes and 58 seconds... I was launched by WinchX set at 1000 meters... I had dropped all the Water out of the Genesis-2 .... There will be several FIRST time events for me personally .... First time to go higher than Launch Altitude... First time
  21. This Thread (Line of Questions) is moving to here... Beginner that 'Lost His Way' part 2..... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=35075 Ed
  22. Hello to all that have been reading the other two Threads based on questions from a Beginner.... Here are the Links if You do not know what I am talking about..... Basic Help...... Viewed 248 times.... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=34642 Beginner that 'Lost His Way' part 1.... Viewed 130 times.... http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=34990 The Reason for a New Thread is because most people will not read anything beyond 20 post.... <I am guilty of this myself So the two above got long in the tooth.... ED
  23. Note to all Beginners.... Want to be Glider Pilots.... A VERY large THANKS goes to "Awesome" ================================================== 'AWESOME' lives up to his Nickname..... I am going to detail this in another Thread as this one is getting Long..... ================================================== Now to your wondering about my comment about the 4 Glider Flights in one day..... I was surprised at that many were possible.... I figure out of the 90 members 1/3 showed up...(30 members) Thermal times appear to be around 11:00am to 5:00 pm....(In General) If eac
  24. Thanks 'Awesome' We as beginners do appreciate your insight in the the Glider/Soaring experence... The Red string... "YAW String" and you are correct about what it is used for.... All my FS-9 & FSX gliders have them.... Now on the Subject of Rudder Pedals making it a real experence... You are correct and I have some "Maxx Pedals" I personally had to remove them and go to a second Joystick (with Twist) to control the Rudder... Reason is both of my feet are Numb... (Meaning I could not feel the Rudder Pedals with my feet.) Now I do use AutoRudder in my Glider but FSX can
  25. Thanks for the Info... On the subject of a Glider Club... I am in Bryant, Arkansas ... about 10 miles south of Little Rock, Arkansas... The closest Glider Club is about 140 miles..(225 km) to far to travel... ========================================================================= How soon before you get your Glider Pilot's Licence..?? I assume Flying Hours... I know in the USA 40 hours for a private pilot's Licence ... in something like a Cessna 150... ========================================================================= I know your using "Condor Soaring" Sim.. I am wo
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