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  1. Sorry, disregard. EDDB has only RNAV transitions and no STARs.
  2. For EDDB the scroll down list terminates with SIDPT pages on the Apps (Android + Windows) + Browser so it seems to be server related.
  3. Just a heads up: In LZIB's add-on.xml there are 2 entries for the "Scripts" category.
  4. It would be great if you you could think of compatibility to ORBX Europe. It has a more localized opinion about seasons than the bare p3dv5, e.g. no more snow from first of March on.
  5. I run X Plane on a 4k monitor and have scaled X-Plane's UI to > 100% for readability. With such a setting shadeX's overlay does not catch any mouse input. It only works with the UI in 100%.
  6. @Guenter ZehnelThank's for the fix. Freshly installed on 5.1HF1 and the SODE jetways do not work. I suggest your fix should be made sticky so it's found without searching and digging through pages of posts.
  7. It does not see FSLabs on p3d V5 (the path was entered manually by me):
  8. Yes, but the content it's either from "Geneva" or "Geneva V5" depending on which control tool was activated last. I think it's a coexistence problem of both versions for p3d V5 and V4. For the time being I use the V4 versions in p3dV5 and upgrade later once I have my migration to p3dV5 complete.
  9. Just to add: The "old" (V4) version of " Aerosoft Geneva Professional" works without problems in p3D V5 (by editing add-ons.xml in ProgramData).
  10. The V5 version looks like this: I have run the config tool several times. For V5 there are tons of errors in the SODE log: Line 1585: [19:40:33.609] ERROR SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : 'jetway.cfg' not found for Model '12bPilot_SODE_MissingObj' of SimObject 'aerosoft_LSGG_SODE_Jetways:Gate A1'! Path='jetway.cfg', Code(2) Line 1586: [19:40:33.609] ERROR SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : 'jetway.cfg' not found for Model '12bPilot_SODE_MissingObj' of SimObject 'aerosoft_LSGG_SODE_Jetways:Gate A1'! Path='jetway.cfg', Code(2) I run SODE 1.7.0. The V4 version of the airport runs fine in p3d V4.5 with SODE jetways. For EDDK have exactly the same situation. Any ideas?
  11. Anyone here with an idea what LTS means? Could not find anything on the net. Thanx
  12. The server for NDP Charts is still very slow at times e.g. early evenings and weekends. Yesterday at 18:00 lcl it needed around 90 seconds to download a single chart. And no, it's not my internet connections. Charts of the competition came lightning fast. May be some caching in the app would be helpful as well.
  13. Great to hear. Is there a wish list around 8-) ?
  14. The web client was unusable for me because of the various layout and clipping problems that were already described elsewhere. Fortunately that seams to be fixed already.
  15. Contrast the chart to the labels on the left side: the chart is blurry.
  16. Yes, very sad. Right now I have a Navigraph subscription and I am (was) contemplating to switch because I favor LIDO charts. But the windows client renders just horrible on a 4K monitor and the web client is barely usable. I observe a mixture of all errors stated above.
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