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  1. I appreciate this is an old thread, but its not been closed. This is precisely what happened to me today with the very latest build. I only managed to grab a quick video on my phone however.
  2. Thank you for your reply. That would be great, i feel it is something that should happen. I know many many people just manually add in the fuel amount that they have obtained from PFPX or simbrief for example.
  3. Hi guys, ive noticed the for a long time but havent got round to posting, im surprised someone else hasn't posted and excited a fix by now for it. In brief, why doesn't the take off weight and landing weight adjust and change when you alter the fuel quantity?? It only reacts to the weight sliders for passenger and cargo. For example if you load the aircraft in such a way that it puts landing weight over in to the red using 10000kg fuel, if you take that out in quantities then the landing weight won't change and still stay in the red. Obviously this is the same for take off weight, taking to much fuel should drastically change the take off weight
  4. I thought the domes were model specific
  5. I’ll try and word this the best I can as I’m scratching my head but this is a start. ever since I’ve installed the latest update into the 320 - 321 I have noticed a folder appear on my desktop called “Aerosoft Airbus 320”, with in the that agile called “gauges” and within that a file called “navigraphsimlink.dll”. I do have navigraph but as I say I’ve never seen this folder and file on the desktop, so in plain view until I updated the A320 to the latest version. any kind of light on this would be most appreciated.
  6. Just want to say thank you for this reply. Have just been browsing through the forum and stumbled across this, a response to someones post but very informative in general.
  7. Has this issue been fixed at all yet so I can update the VA please.
  8. Hi guys, ill try and word this the best I can. Trying to trouble shoot a VA livery being installed wrongly when using the Livery manager. Doing it the manual route works fine. Its a livery for the 321 IAE. When using the Livery manager, it puts the texture folder into the right 321 IAE subfolder, it also makes the entry into the aircraft.cfg file. However for some reason it is changing the model = line to model = EXTCFMShark, instead of model = EXTIAEShark. This of course means its failing to show in the sim. Like I say when I install it myself manually doing the necessary edits it works first time in the sim.
  9. Actually I believe the livery manager has been fixed so it now makes the edits automatically for you. I have installed 2 livery’s which were for the old version by just using the livery manager and they work fine. The livery repaint needs to be packaged in the zip format to be run through the manager though.
  10. Hi Hanse, I noted even now this still isn't fixed. have just done a flight and at 10,000ft both switches were switched at the same time and both wave files played at the same time so overlapped.
  11. ORBX England has an option to tick in its control panel if your using Aerosoft mega airport Heathrow if you are un aware. Shouldn't be the cause of your problem though.
  12. Its already on the list to be fixed (what we are working on forum), posted initially by myself here,
  13. This happens to me also, from soon as I power up the aircraft and then start to commence the copilot/checklist function. Continually happens until pushback and engine start. No ecam message.
  14. Couldn't think of the right title to put so bare with me. Basically I have noticed when using the copilot/checklist function, when passing 10,000 feet climbing, the seat belt and no electronic device switches are switched at the same time, this causes the hostess announcements to play at the same time and overlap each other.
  15. Hi Mathijs, thank you for taking the time to reply in what I’m sure is a busy time. I’m referring to the “here you go captain here’s some drinks for you” and “here you go captain here’s some sandwiches for you”. They played in the old buses whilst in cruise and still play in the new ones. Just trying to say they seem out of place because you don’t have to do anything with the door like you do with the new part you have added during climb where you have to turn on the camera and unlock the door after the door bell rings.
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