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  1. sorry my second question is totally different. Ive been tryingto make some changes to the AFCAD file with Airport facilitator X, and they dont seem to be working even though ive saved them. ok, i managed to change the file extension to .off This had several effects: 1. it did not remove the crudy static aircraft that comes with mega airport heathrow. 2. it is no longer able to be located in AFX as its not a scnery extension so i can not edit the AFCAD. 3. It makes FSX load up mega airport heathrow, and the default FSX scenery in one go so, as you can imagine, it looks a mess, with air bridges popping out of everywhere. I appreciate your help.
  2. it hasnt worked, i thought i had renamed it, how do i rename the file extension please which your telling me to do, also editing this file in AFX doesnt seem to have any effect with regards to parking allocation, is there another afcad file you know of, if there is AFX is not picking it up when i search.
  3. thank you Chris, renaming the file worked a treat. re the air bridges, i have the current AES and the air bridges are working a treat with the AI traffic, i just wasnt paying enough attention
  4. evening all, any light please? i really like mega airport heathrow for fsx, and in general my FSX is looking really good now, have installed ultimate traffic 2. However now the static aircraft that come with mega airport look horrible, something out of the first flight sim compared to my AI packages. Firsty, is there a way i can remove these static aircraft from the scenery. Secondly how can i get the air bridges to work with my AI traffic. ultimate traffic AI works with the default ones.
  5. Hi, im sure this has been asked before but its not popping up in the search. I have mega airport Heathrow for FSX, i think its great I have installed the updates available BUT i still have aircraft parking on the taxi way up near terminal 5 Please help some one, its the only thing that spoils it Ps, is there an updated AFCAD file so i dont have light aircraft parking amongst the jumbos outside the british airways hangar?
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