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  1. How are you that own the Airbus TCA TM joystick configuring the various buttons. Please share your settings. I dont own the payware version of FSUIPC, will I have any problems? And how are you liking the new stick? Regards Randy
  2. Exactly how hard can it be?.... REALLY?
  3. The ND Doesnt Pop Out....Why The PFD and CDUs pop out so why doesnt the ND. it is awful hard the older I get to see fixes. Please implement this feature or tell me what I am doing wrong. Regards Randy
  4. Yes I used Activesky. the land classes all over the state are the same.
  5. There can not be snow still on the ground in PANC in June. Simmwings did not create a summer season selection on the configurator tool and I am in summer mode in P3dv5. How can I get rid of the snow. Snow in the summer time triggers my PTSD.... :) Thanks Randy
  6. Any idea how to fix the issue in the screen shot without uninstalling and reinstalling? Also where should the 330 be installing itself to? Thanks Randy
  7. OPabst. So what I did to resolve it was to just rename the jetbridge file in the scenery folder to .off and rerun the SODE installers and everything is back to normal.
  8. And how do you know I didn't wait until at least 30 seconds to exe the BAT file? I followed the README exactly. Seems Sim-Wings could do better with writing them or better yet, include them in the scenery download itself...don't you think?
  9. Followed directions exactly as published and the attached screen is what I get. Double jetbridges. Are we suppose to remove the SODE files from the Addon scenery folder after we run the BAT?
  10. Are there no SODE jetbridges for EGLL or PANC for P3dv5.0 None were installed. Regards Randy Smith
  11. Are we ever going to get a start to finish tutorial for the A330. It would be nice to have so we could develop a consistent flow. It could be something simple like a EGLL/LFPG or KSEA/KMSP flight/ Just something please. Randy
  12. Wolfgang.... Then what is the purpose if the INIT REQUEST on the MCDU. I am not a fan of dead LSK's or buttons in flightsim.
  13. How do you get the INIT REQ to work on the MCDU to draw data from the filed FP as in the image below
  14. Hello. Why is the CA/FO ND a pop out gauge but the ND and ECAM are not. Could this be fit in to a future update. Being able to click on a gauge to get it to pop out is far more efficient. Thanks Randy
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