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  1. No worries, I figured out. The update disables the TCA support in the configurator. Once checked again everything running fine. Curios though that it did it for the A330 only and not for the other ones. Thx, Mike
  2. Hi Guys, anyone experiencing high idle for A330 after upgrading to ver 10.4.2? A318, 319, 320 and 321 functioning correctly as before. Only the A330 exhibiting this and only after the update. Any feedback greatly appreciated, Mike
  3. Did try the procedure and no luck with the flaps issue...
  4. I have the same issue withe the flaps. Can you also please let me know how you mapped the buttons? Any documentation for that? I used FSUIPC for now but unable to properly setup autobrake.

    Thank you,


    1. Brittanix


      I mapped the Autobrake using LINDA. 


      Button 23 (Position LO) is Autobrake Off

      Button 24 (Position 2) is Autobrake Min

      Button 25 (Position 3) is Autobrake Med

      Button 26 (Position HI) is Autobrake Max

    2. luv2fly61


      Thank you so much

  5. Hi there, I got my quadrant addons yesterday and wondering if there is documentation on to setup the buttons. Similar to what is in the manual for the quadrant. For now I am using FSUIPC ut do not have full features for everything. For example the Autobrake. SPAD also doesn't offer any setting options for the addon Thank you, Mike
  6. Thank you, I have running the A3XX bundle since yesterday and for some reason, I can no longer duplicate the TCAS issue. It seems it is working, maybe AC loaded improperly... but the other issue is there. This is a new clean installation.
  7. To Aerosoft Devs. Just wanted to bring to your attention that v1401 has now an issue relative to the TCAS system: no matter the position of the TCAS knob the EICAS display continuously displays TCAS STBY. Also if AP enabled and during climb sequence you access your P3D5 menu the ALT Ap disables from the CLB mode (ultimately resulting in a stall) and need to press again the ALT button to enable the ALT CLB sequence. I have noticed the issue with A330 and A319 A320 as well. Thank you, Mike
  8. Thank you for the reply. The thing is that I did. I get to the EFB settings tab and login via browser and then provide permission as requested by then get a "you can now returnto the app". I am assuming it was successful., but still not working. Thx - Mike
  9. Hi Guys, maybe this was answered before, but still can't find a clear solution to it. P3D5 - Aerosoft A330 - getting to error boxes on the EFB screen as per the attachment. To do with the Navigraph token and verify session error. How do I fix this? I do have a good standing account with Navigraph do I need to enter my Navigraph credentials somewhere? Any help /suggestions greatly appreciated. Mike
  10. Hi No issue here anymore. I was able to get the discount at the check out on Aerosoft site Just looking to understand what my options to take advantage of the upgrade discount. I have purchased the SIMstarter thru FSPS store and as they do not sell the new version I have no option to update at the discounted rate. My option at the point is to purchase the new version from either Aerosoft or Simmarket at full price. I would appreciate if you can please let me know what my options are... Thank you, Mike
  11. Same here. AS suggested same as Herman. I have tried any of the AS suggestions, NO LUCK. This is on the newly released A330. Maybe the AS should try our codes/serials before replying with such suggestions. I have a ticket opened # 34438. Hopefully will get a resolution soon.
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