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  1. Looking at the Evolution upgrade for Wilco Airbus it doesn't look as if this problem was going to be resolved. So I've looked into this further and fixed the problem myself for the opaque cockpit windows in FSX SP2. I'm currently talking with Wilco about how they want the fix implemented. I'll post something here when the fix is out. BTW it involves altering the model so no amount of tampering with the textures will help. Here's a picture of the A318 to show what it should look like.
  2. Unfortunately there isn't any way to make the windows transparent beause these models are for Fs2004 and were ported into FSX. all was fine until SP2 which broke a lot of texture transparencies. Anyway, head over to Just flight's website, they have a window fix for download which is for the airbus series volume 1. Worked on my installation. http://www.justflight.com/faqs.asp?drdProduct=157&supportProductName=Airbus Series Vol. 1#Update394 Ed.
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