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  1. My computer is weird. It's a lenovo laptop。It seems to conflict with PBR In a nutshell I can't use all the PBR materials, like P3D V4.5 and qw787v1.13pbr So my AS330, it doesn't show!I know it's my computer problem. Is there anything I can do about it? My computer configuration is i5 8300 8G GTX1050TI (lenovo)All VC are installed and the graphics driver is up to date
  2. Every user should be cared for. While you're having lunch and waiting for the AS330 to arrive. Chinese users are waiting in front of their computers late at night, on a winter The error message is ucrtbase.dll
  3. I am very glad to join the family of AS.I'm happy to be able to use the AS330, but something has happened recently that makes me less happy.That's the EFB problem. So let me just say a little bit about that You fixed the EFB problem in, but most Chinese users still have problems。EFB will still make the game crash I tried and found that EFB worked when I wasn't using the Internet But the crash case is in my use of the Internet It's about the Internet This is obviously unfair to Chinese users (But I know because of the special network mechanism in China) Can we solve this? (Now there are many of your fans in the forum in China. They chose your AS330 in the first time) We sincerely hope that you can solve this problem or come up with a way for Chinese users to run EFB with Internet Finally, I would like to express my great gratitude to the AS team for their efforts
  4. I would very much like the revised version.Because the operational delay is absolutely as bad as the EFB crash Thank you for your efforts and wish you and your family good health
  5. I've just updated it and I'm going to try it out
  6. I am using T16000M, I have installed FSUIPC but have not set anything on it. Let me just say briefly, in operation, up and down is normal, but to turn left or right is cumbersome and not very flexible It seemed to take the plane some time to respond to my commands(To the left or to the right) I know airbus is a fly-by-wire, so I don't know if it's simulating delays or if it's a BUG?(But this delay exists only in horizontal motion)
  7. First of all, this is for my friend. I'm sure he's win10 But it's unclear whether his P3D version is 4.5.13 He is on the ground connected to the power, MCP above the font normal light normal.The ND display is black (the knob is on) I don't know his solution, So I've come to you for help Like this
  8. How do I turn off the perspective shift while assisting the driver with checklists

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