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  1. ok thanks. I am heading to simmarket for heraklion x
  2. So I can only get the justsim one? Not the heraklion x?
  3. Hello again, I was wondering if the Heraklion X is compatible with p3dv4. I would like to be sure before I buy it. I am asking because on simmarket it says that is compatible with p3d (not p3dv4) thanks.
  4. Christosch88, the textures of your livery cant be identified by the sim. The sim knows that there are some textures but it cant put them correctly on the plane. I tried to install it and the result was an airplane with gray livery
  5. Thank you very much. I have both aerosoft airbus x and aerosoft airbus x extended but the livery because is for an a320 sharklet I think it should be on airbus a320 cfm ( aerosoft airbus x)
  6. Hello everyone, sorry for the request, but I was wondering if somebody could make the new livery of Aegean airlines, ( which was introduced with the first NEO of the fleet), for the aerosoft airbus x (not professional). I use fsx LINK TO IMAGE: https://loneskyimages.blogspot.com/2019/12/aegean-airlines-new-livery.html) Because I am new to the community I am not sure how to find your repaint work, so if you would make it please send me a message on how to find it. I would appreciate it. Thanks
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