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  1. Hi Björn, Yep, I see... Well, there is not problem, it's the price I have to pay for flying this aweosme bus (I don't know if this sentence is well said ) I'll continue flying the A300 even without a real WX engine hahaha. Thank you for your support Björn! Cheers, Adrián
  2. Hi Bjorn, It flies perfect without Active Sky. Just smooth as it should fly. The question is in the air ... Will be a fix or something like that to be able to fly with these weather engines without problems? Thanks for your great support Cheers, Adrián
  3. Yes, of course. I will give it a try and I'll tell you if that solves the issue Cheers, Adrián
  4. Hi Bjorn, thanks for your quick answer. Yes, I have REX installed, but only textures. The REX weather engine is deactivated, and I use Active Sky Evolution. Cheers, Adrián
  5. I'm just on the clouds

  6. Hi guys, Well, I installed a few days ago the SP2b, wich I downloaded from the "Updates" section on the web. I started the simulator, and loaded the flight with the Airbus. I took-off, and everything was fine... until I switched on the auto throttle. I set 220knots on the MCP, and the plane just accelerated until 260, and then, speed fell to 180, and then to 230... and finally on 220. Then, when the airplane wants, he just goes crazy and decelerates, or accelerates "at his own discretion". That's a bit annoying because I can't maintain very well a speed, and things comes worse when trying t
  7. Cleared to land 33L...

  8. Well, I have made all you said. I checked the FSUIPC.log, and all you said is done. I opened the FSUIPC.ini and the SimConnectStallTime was on 2. I wrote 3 and i saved. I launched FSX... and it still doesn't working properly.... I don't know what more can I do... definetly my Sim Check is very crazy... I also have to say that, the pitch sometimes goes crazy. For example, if i set on the vertical speed 3000 fpm when taking off, after 10 seconds in the air, it goes to 7000 fpm, and i have to disengaged the A/P Regards, Adrian.
  9. Ok, I will try it, and I will tell you in a few minutes if it works Thank you so much! Regards, Adrian
  10. There is the problem If you don't see anything due to the quality of the video, tell me Regards, Adrian
  11. This is what I have on FSUIPC4.log about SimConnect: I will upload you a video at Youtube. Give me a few seconds Regards, Adrian
  12. Hi Bjorn, The lateral mode NEVER works. At first flights, it was working fine, but in one flight, when I was arriving, it just stopped working, and since that flight, the lateral mode has not returned to work. I also tried what you have said in your last post yesterday before write this post today. It doesn't work. I don't know what's happening... I can turn the airplane via the number keypad, also when the A/P is engaged, but i can't do this with the joystick (with A/P engaged)... I can't understand that... Concerning to the N1 mode... I have tried to set the thrust at 70% (and more) b
  13. Hi Bjorn, Yes I do, I have the latest FSUIPC (4.60) registered, and I didn't touch anything about axis, controls, or something like that in the FSUIPC settings. Concerning to the HDG.... the same as the NAV.... if I set (for example) HDG 140, the autopilot won't follow that heading. It's like the airplane couldn't follow the lateral navigation. Regards, Adrian.
  14. Hi all, I bought two weeks ago the boxed Simcheck A300, and at first, all was working properly. A day, I decided to make another flight with the 'bus, and all was fine until I had to make the arrival to the airport, which I had to make manually because the autopilot was unable to follow the INS route. The FD seems to want to follow the route, but the airplane doesn't turn. I decided to uninstall the airplane, and make a fresh install. My surprise was that the airplane was worst than first time. The autopilot can't follow the route, the autothrottle doesn't work properly (I can't make a "N1"
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