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  1. Hi, I am trying to update the CRJ in MSFS. It downloads (using Netlimiter$) but at the decompressing stage the update loops back to 0% downloaded. This is via the 'Marketplace'. Thanks Bill Kunzler
  2. Will the Aerosoft CRJ7 ever be able to fly an ILS approach to minimums ? Thank you.
  3. I have flown the same flight under the same conditions five times. Three times out of five it behaved normally and twice it was almost impossible/very very slow climb. We are all running around in circles here. This is not the case with reliable aircraft. I really don't think that users should continue considering themselves as the problem.
  4. I have the same issue. ILS is a lottery. It may or it may not work. If it does then it does not work correctly. Flown about twenty five flights to check (I won't bore you with the videos). I think by now we can discount user incompetence. Looking forward to an update to fix this, please.
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