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  1. This addon has the same issue on my Win7 machine. I tried updating a bunch of redistributables to no avail. I realize I'm long overdue for a Win10 upgrade, but the "older Windows versions not supported" language on the product page gave me false hope. I think this add-on is not compatible with Win7.
  2. OK, it's happened again. A319 CFM on Windows 7 Pro. i7-4790K @ 4.5 ghz. GTX1080ti. 32GB DDR3. ChasePlane, ActiveSky ASP4 with REX SkyForce (injecting clouds only), running in the background as usual. Flight plan: KLAS BOACH8.RIKII SHTNR.ANJLL4 KLAX FL280 Loaded the flight, set cold/dark state as usual. Used the fuel planner and the INIT LOADSHEET feature on the 3rd FMS, which I don't normally. Flew the whole flight in managed mode without any modifications to the route (until the end anyway...decided to change the approach after speed went haywire). Made a manual descent with V/S from FL280-260, and then again to 240. Engaged managed DES prior to GLESN (has a window constraint FL240-300). Managed speed worked fine until GLESN at which point it dropped to around green dot speed. I also noticed something else strange...overhead GLESN and next two (I think) waypoints, the footrests on both sides of the cockpit extended and then retracted spontaneously. I realize that those animate on their own when the aircraft enters the CRZ phase, so I thought it was worth noting. They just extended and retracted on their own at the instant I passed GLESN, ANJLL, and CAANN. I can test again, perhaps tomorrow night...but the last time I ran into this bug (see my post from a few days ago) was also in the A319 after passing a waypoint that had one of these window constraints (i.e. as above, cross GLESN between FL240-300 and 280KIAS). I don't know if that is a common feature of procedures in Europe, but they are quite common on RNAV STARs in the U.S. Logs attached.
  3. Your idea makes sense, but I experienced the issue on even when flying the route as initially loaded without any modifications. I have also changed the landing runway or the approach or the entire STAR + runway with no issue.
  4. Shut down at the gate, I hear the printer churning. I look down and there's no paper. I click on the printer and it moves the invisible paper over to the chart clip (it remains invisible). I click on it there and it's the flight log. A319 IAE. (just updated last night). Windows 7 pro. i7-4790k @ 4.5ghz. GTX1080ti. 32GB DDR3. P3D V4.4 Logs attached. printer issue
  5. Just upgraded to last night. Two flights issues on the first one, this happened on the second one. Windows 7 pro. i7-4790k @ 4.5ghz. GTX1080Ti. 32GB DDR3. P3D V4.4 A319 IAE KLAS BOACH8.LVELL.LUCK1.KSAN FL260 Flying LUCKI1 STAR to KSAN. LVELL transition was loaded however I proceeded direct MOMAR. Prior to TOD, I selected the LOC27 approach to KSAN, no approach was selected prior to that. 10 mi prior to MOMAR I selected 12,000', 2 mi prior to MOMAR I armed DES. MOMAR has a window constraint FL240-260, no speed restriction. The initial step down to MOMAR was fine, however during the level-off for the constraint at MOMAR, managed speed reset to 214 KIAS, even though there was a 270KT constraint ahead. I tried to go back into managed speed a few fixes down the road, but it was still commanding something around min speed. Logs attached. I paused and copied the logs as soon as I noticed the problem.
  6. I love the blue Tulip as well. I think the WIP version you’re referring to was being worked on by Steve Drabek? His last post was about some of the difficulties he encountered. Anyway, with no progress on that one I tried to make my own. Fuselage was super easy (I’m used to repainting Carenado aircraft...) but before I even got to the infamous tail I was burned by some mapping issues. The area of the nose between the radome and the windshield has random wavy warping, so there is just no way to get an acceptable result with this livery.
  7. It’s too late to edit my post, but this is not the problem. I have made three more flights without issue. I am following this regimen strictly: -Do not use implied entries in MCDU preflight. i.e. if block fuel is 15,000 lbs, type “15.0” not “15”. -Ensure all fields are filled on INIT and PERF and a departure runway selected in FPLAN (you do this anyway to get the FMC-calculated speeds) -Ensure Managed CLB is selected prior to T/O (press the ALT knob IN, V/S window shows “————— “) I realize that #2 & 3 are things you should be doing anyway, so don’t laugh me just seems like we need to be methodical to get to the bottom of this bug, and I’m not sure how many people reporting the issue could be classified as casual vs. serious flyers. V1.2.3.0. Also, I use ActiveSky (ASP4 & ASCA) on every flight...some people had mentioned that above as a suspect.
  8. I've had the whole A318-321 Pro package since Thursday... I've done maybe a dozen flights (used all the models), and I can tell you that the only times managed speed has provided sensible values at all were my 1) very first flight and 2) my most recent flight. The common thread between those flights is that I did not set the weight units to LBS, as would be my preference. The issue I have with managed speed is that it gets stuck on an arbitrary low IAS, usually a few knots above minimum speed. Managed descent also fails to capture the VNAV path. I know how to operate the FMGC and A/P...the minimum entries required to fly this add-on are pretty straight-forward. Perhaps we can investigate the LBS/KGs thing?
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